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The Lady of rage is one of the most versed female emcees from the Queens, New York, in the early 90s with valid liquid flowing hardcore lyrics. Her firm grasp of poetry showed in the expert delivery of her rhymes and raps. She is an African-American singer, rapper and actress who is well known for her contributions to the works of various artists in the Death Row record label and she is famous for her character Baby D (Robin Allen) in the comedy film, Next Friday produced by Ice Cube in2000.

Everything You Must Know About The Lady of Rage

Biography of Lady of Rage

Lady of Rage was born Robin Yvette Allen on the 6th of February 1966 in Virginia, U.S.A. She was discovered by Shahkim of the Outlaw Brothers rap group in Queens, New York, in 1988. She became a part of the group and later signed a record deal with L.A Posse. Dr. Dre, after listening to her music, was fascinated by her flow and later featured her in his 1992 album Chronic and from there, she worked with Snoop Dogg in his album Doggy Dogg Style in 1993. However, it was her partnership with Dr. Dre that signalled her big break into the limelight. In 1994, she came out with her breakout single Afro Puffs which ranked 5th on Billboard’s hot rap singles music chart and the song later became a soundtrack in a movie featuring Tupac Shakur Above the Rimm.

Even though she made several musical appearances in a lot of Death Row releases, it was not until June 1997 that she was able to release her own album Necessary Roughness, spotted at No. 7 on Billboard R&B music chart.

After a long break from Death Row records and the music industry in 1998, she ventured into acting and made appearances in an episode of the teen sitcom Kenan & Kel and Winifred Harvey’s Steve Harvey Show until the year 2000. She also landed a role in the movie Next Friday 2000, she followed it up with Thug Life (2001), Confessions of a Thug (2005) and her own biopic Life After Death Row (2006), assuming her own character.

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Lady of Rage returned to hip-hop in 2002 when she featured in Snoop Dogg’s albums released 2000-2002, where she made 3 appearances. She signed a deal with Boss Lady Entertainment in 2007 and released the album VA 2 LA. Furthermore, Lady of Rage is presently an active member of the FEM (Females Earning Money) Movement along with other female rappers like Babs, Lady Luck, and Amil.

She performed alongside female rappers like MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, and Salt-n-Pepa at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Hip Hop Awards in the year 2008. The skilful Rapper was among the top Westcoast rappers who contributed immensely to the published book of Paul Edwards titled How to Rap, giving the public a rich insight on how it’s done.

Her Mystified Health Status And Accident

Lady of Rage
Lady of Rage and Yolanda Whittaker – Instagram

Her wan smile in an Instagram photo taken with YoYo (Yolanda Whittaker) sitting on a hospital bed says it all, Lady of Rage is very ill. Since September 2017, the lady rapper has been paying frequent visits to the doctors for a health problem which began with shortness of breath. After being hospitalized several times, she was given an initial diagnosis of pneumonia, then pneumonitis and then sarcoidosis. The doctors also gave her medication for depression. The most recent diagnosis, according to the rapper is Sjogren’s syndrome (an autoimmune disorder that affects eyes, salivary gland, lungs, kidney etc).

She was scheduled to perform at Essence Festival on July 6, 2018, but blacked out at the hotel front desk, falling face down into a cast iron frame. She woke up in the hospital with 9 stitches; she almost lost an eye as she fractured an eye orbit and the bridge of her nose. This syncope (a medical term for blacking out) led to her being hospitalized for another 6 days. She missed out on the performance she was scheduled to put up at the LBC festival alongside rap icon Snoop Dogg.

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Her last major stage performance was in March 2018 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta in the Queens of Hip-Hop Concert. Since then, Lady Rage has been completely grounded by this mysterious illness. Ever since news of her illness got out, prayers and well wishes have been pouring in through social media and phone calls from friends, fans, and well-wishers.

The talented rapper hit her Instagram in August 2018 to plead for support and thank all who had shown their support over time.

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Her Net Worth

The net worth of the 5 ft 5 inches tall rapper is estimated to be $2,000,000 which are proceeds from her album, mixtape, collaborations with other acts, as well as from concerts and tours, and her film appearances.

Personal Life – Husband and Children

The Lady of Rage is a super private person who does not put out her affairs out in the public, she has jealously guarded her family information and personal life that there are no records of her husband or boyfriend. However, what we know is that she has three children, two daughters, and one son. Her first daughter named Zakiya was born in 1999, Zaareah, her second daughter was born in 2001 and was followed by her son, born in 2003.

There were rumors that she’s either bisexual or gay but in an interview in 2011, The Lady of rage set things straight and openly stated that she is neither.

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