The Latest on Khanyi Mbau’s Net Worth, Car Repossession Controversy and House Downgrade

The latest review of Khanyi Mbau’s fortune was estimated at an admirable $10 million as reported by trusted sources like Celebrity Net Worth. However, these reports were obtained before the novel Corona Virus Pandemic hit South Africa, Since then, Mbau who diversified her sources of income into acting, hosting, music, business, and social media, has been bitten hard by the new economic situation.

She has revealed that the pandemic affected her financially, mentally as well as spiritually. Closer scrutiny of the actress’s situation reveals this to be true as new developments have lent credence to her hardship.

For one, Mbau ran into problems with the cars she brought through the bank by falling short in repayment by a couple of months. This led the bank to get a court order in a bid to repossess the cars and cancel her initial repayment schedule with them. Mbau who was really riled with the embarrassing situation tried to fob it off by downplaying it, attributing it to a mix-up. Her car loan issues with the bank notwithstanding, the South African celebrity also had to further cut down on expenses by moving from her more imposing house to an all-white abode which she referred to as “house downgrade.” SA’s self-proclaimed Queen of Bling really had it rough with the novel COVID 19 pandemic and she is really adjusting her life to survive the period.

Khanyi Mbau’s Net Worth Was Last Recorded In Excess Of $10 Million

From what we gathered, having several income streams made Khanyi Mbau into the multi-millionaire she is today; The SA beauty at the latest review by Celebrity Net Worth is worth $10 million. The South African born entertainer had the advantage of attending an all-white school while under the watch of her grandmother whom she dubbed the “the queen of England” because of her meticulous nature. Attending the institution gave the actress the needed opportunity to acquire a very good education, which no doubt, prepared her for the task ahead.

The Majority Of Her Fortune Is Generated From Acting Roles

Although it has proved difficult to categorically say exactly how much Mbau makes from her acting gigs, it is common knowledge that she is among the high earning actresses in all of South Africa. Launching her acting career in 2004, the mother of one replaced Lindiwe Chibi in Muvhango playing Doobsie. However, the role was short-lived as she got fired barely one year later.

Her other acting gigs include the hit drama series Mzansi on SABC 1 which she joined as Mbali in the second season. In 2006, she was part of After 9 the mini-series on SABC 1 as Zee, and in 2013, Mbau played the lead in Ekasi: Our Stories – an anthology drama series on ETV. Others are I Am (DStv Vuzu documentary), Like Father Like Son (mini-series), Ashes to Ashes (telenovela), Umlilo (TV drama series), and Uzalo that aired on SABC 1.

She played the lead in Abomama (a drama series) which made its debut earning above one million viewers and ended up taking pride of place as DSTV’s third most-watched show. With the level of success recorded by Abomama it goes without saying that the cast members all smiled to the bank with a fortune, and being the pivotal character, Khanyi Mbau’ s earning from the drama would be quite massive.

Her Debut Feature Movie Happiness is a Four-letter Word Recorded Resounding Success

After Happiness is a Four-letter Word premiered on the 19th of February 2016 with Mbau portraying the character of Zaza, the initial box office numbers were pretty smashing, grossing more than R7 million by the third week in cinema. With that said, it goes without saying that the cast was handsomely compensated. Still basking in the glory of her success, Johannesburg Film Festival named her as one of the top 10 actresses in SA in October that year. She also earned from other films like The Red Room and Frank and Fearless.

Featuring In Reality TV Became An Added Bonus For the SA Star

Already established as an actress, Mbau started making appearances in reality TV shows in 2013, her first gig was in the docu-reality TV series known as Reality Check that aired on, Khanyi was part of Strictly Come Dancing for its seventh season, she won the award for the debut run of Lip Sync Battle on MTV Africa in 2015, and was featured in SABC 3’s The Scoop. Her remunerations for all these reality shows are still part of her acting earnings.

Khanyi Mbau’s Hosting Career Will Account For A Few Digits of Her Fortune

Naturally, actors and actresses are known to make good hosts on both TV and radio. Mbau’s hosting career took off in 2012 when the multitalented entertainer came on SABC 1’s Turn It Out as a guest judge during the run of its second season. She started earning more from hosting when she launched her own talk show in 2013, the show which was named Katch It With Khanyi was viewed on the eKasi+ – an OpenView HD channel. After a successful debut season, a second season of the show was approved the next year which led it to hit #1 in viewers’ share for talk shows; SABC 2’s Motswako managed to trail behind.

Katch It With Khanyi debuted with a total of 785,000 in viewership, increasing to 1,669,000 during the first week in November 2014. The show’s season two saw it making the list of nominees for the SA Film and Television Awards of 2015. She hosted other shows like SABC 3’s The Weekend Edition, The Big Secret on BET Africa channel, as well as Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise. All these are testaments to the fact that she is really successful as a television host

She Added Radio to her Hosting Gigs

Four years after Khanyi Mbau commenced her television hosting, South Africa’s self-proclaimed Queen of Bling moved into the radio hosting. Mbau achieved this when she was selected to host Whose show is it Anyway on Metro FM. She co-hosted the show with other entertainers like Ntombi Ngcobo and Somizi Mhlongo from 2016 to 2017 when it was scrapped following the station’s restructuring of their programs.

While Still Landing Acting Gigs, Mbau Khanyi Mbau Launched A Music Career

Mbau is one celebrity that believes in diversifying her sources of income. She already had her acting career up and running in 2010 when she decided to diversify into other entertainment fields like music, increasing her income heads in the process. Her debut release was a self-titled album featuring tracks such as I Miss You, Do Me, Weyi, and Skheshekheshe. She upped her game in 2016 by signing up with Mabala Noise Entertainment, releasing the song Shake, in 2020 she released the song Ubusuku Bonke.

Mbau Also Earns From Social Media

Being an avid user of Instagram, Khanyi’s official page on the platform, @mbaureloaded, boasts over 2.4 million in following. The social media star is so influential on Instagram that Channel24 Online Awards named her a nominee for Best Instagram Account in 2015. Mbau also earns from her publication, Bitch, Please! I’m Khanyi Mbau – her biography which was written by media personality Lesley Mofokeng.

She Created Another Source of Revenue through her Gin Business 

It would appear that her acting, hosting, music, and social media careers were not challenging enough for the South African actress as she still went ahead to increase her income heads by launching her very own brand of gin. The brand which she named I Am Khanyi – Millennial Shimmer Gin was launched in November 2018. Unfortunately, the business was still trying to take-off the ground before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and thus, she wasn’t able to break even in the business. Besides, South Africa placed a ban on alcohol within that period, making it even more difficult for her brand to sell.

Recap of Mbau’s Income Sources

• Acting
• Music
• Radio and TV hosting
• Author
• Businessperson
• Social Media

Reports Broke that the Bank Repossessed Her Luxury Cars After Khanyi Mbau Failed To Meet Up With Loan Repayment

khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau and her Porsche image source

Life may not be so rosy for Khanyi Mbau following reports that she is indebted to the bank through which she acquired a 2014 Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG and a 2015 Porsche 912 Carrera. Allegedly, Standard Bank got approval from the court to repossess the two luxury cars, after the media personality failed in keeping up with the amortized installments.

Reports from City Expressed said the celebrity entertainer Mbau did not act in response to court papers in confirmation of the termination of the former repayment sale agreement for the two automobiles. While the bank was still trying to perfect the cancellation of both installment sales agreements, the news infiltrated into the public arena. Both cars are said to be in the custody of the bank presently. With that said, some reports surfaced afterward, claiming that it was time for the actress to walk which may seem like she had just those two cars, but the actress does have a red rover that she has shared with fans on Twitter.

When Sunday World broke the news one month prior to the bank’s repossession of the luxury sports automobiles, the actress, cum television host was quick to deny receiving any papers from the court; her denial was witnessed in an interview with the publication. According to the feelers we got, Mbau allegedly missed a couple of month’s repayment for the two vehicles which threw her account into arrears. Reports also alleged that the actress claims to have sold the Mercedes prior to receiving orders from the court.

Khanyi’s Response to the Allegations

Responding to the claims, Mbau said she was just a month behind with repayment for the Porsche which costs a little over $1 million, just like the Mercedes, and her amortization schedule demands that she pay the monthly sum of R30, 000 for each of the cars.

Previous reports from mentioned Khanyi’s revelation that she was seriously impacted by the economic collapse orchestrated by the novel Covid-19 pandemic which wiped out all her chances of earning a proper revenue for the year. Mbau equally told TshisaLIVE that she has already given up on getting a decent income for the remaining part of the year.

Khanyi Mbau Has Her Inability To Land Acting Gigs And the Alcohol Ban to Thank For her Income Leakages

While struggling to score acting roles, SA came up with a bill, banning alcohol which affected sales in Khanyi Mbau’s newly-launched gin business. According to the actress, the lockdown had mental, spiritual, and financial effects on her, claiming that she has witnessed many in the entertainment scene move in with siblings or move back in with their parents as a result of ailing finances. Mbau even told fans on social media that she was on the lookout for a man again which is funny when you consider what she went through with sugar daddies in the past.

Mbau was quick to give specifications of the type of man she is looking for, saying that she wants them rich and handsome. The actress is popular for her taste for luxurious things, thus, it came as no surprise to fans that she would expect her men to come with deep pockets.

The Actress Refers to her New Home as a “Downgrade”

Recently, the reality television host and actress had to relocate to a less imposing all-white abode, which she called a house downgrade on Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise – her trendy BET reality show. Reports said that the move was necessitated by the new change in the world’s economy because of the pandemic. It all started earlier in 2020 when the actress began sharing selfies from her new abode on social media. With the décor and the outlook seeming different from the huge house she was known with, fans deduced that she has probably relocated and demanded to have a full glimpse of her entire home.

Khanyi Mbau finally leveraged an episode of her reality show to showcase her new home, and even though fans never got the chance to get an insider’s look of her former house, which was said to be more befitting, it was glaring that her present abode is massive. Before the show ended, the actress confessed that she acquired her all-white abode in a bid to downgrade which further confused viewers as even the new home was also huge.

Some of her fans took to Twitter to question the actress’s seriousness in referring to her new house as a downgrade. In her response, Mbau said the house is a downgrade in her consideration which is understandable as where she is coming from was really imposing. However, the fact still remains that her new all-white abode appears to be quite spacious.


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