5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt The Left Side Sleep Position

Sleep is incredibly good for the well-being of the human person. Science also says sleeping for up to 7-9 hours can do the health some good. However, sleep posture can jeopardize the quality of sleep. People sleep in various positions- on their backs, stomach or the sides. Latest discovery suggests that the left side sleep position has its perks. Because of the different positions and functions of some body organs, it is medically advised that sleeping on the left side is the way to go.

According to Steven Park of New York Medical College,

“Fatigue, sleep apnea, headaches, heartburn, and back pain are some of the complaints that can be aggravated by improper sleep posture and a bad night’s sleep”

While no one sleeps in one position all through the night, it has been found that sleep positions affect the quality of sleep and health. It is equally good to note that in all the benefits of the left side sleep position, it may not be compatible with some other health conditions. So whatever you do, know your health and talk to a doctor.

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These are the reasons why you need to sleep on your left side:


1. Improves Digestion:

Experts say it is a case of simple gravity. The left side sleep position affords the body the ease of moving body wastes from the large intestine to the colon. That way the body wakes up with a bowel movement. The stomach and the pancreas hang naturally and are relaxed.

2. Good For The Heart:

Sleeping on the left side helps to reduce pressure on the heart. It improves blood circulation and cardiovascular health because the heart pumps better. Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side for improved blood flow to the heart, fetus, uterus and kidneys. It takes pressure off the liver.

3. Good For Heartburn:

The left side sleeping position helps in the reduction of reflux- the back-flow of gastric acid into the oesophagus.

4. Supports The Lymph System:

Just like the heart and the stomach, the lymph system is on the left side. Thus sleeping on the left supports it and improves the function of the spleen. With the result that the lymph nodes filters off toxins and waste effectively from the body. Sleeping on the right side slows down this healthy process.

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5. Back Pain:

Chronic back pain patients are advised to sleep on the left side. This is because the position relieves the spine of pressure. And if the spine is less stressed at night, a good night sleep is assured. It will be a plus, if the mattress used is comfortable enough to avoid pressure on the hips and shoulders.

NOTE: Switching from your naturally inclined sleeping position should be on a health bases/recommendation. This is because a change in your natural sleep position can equally affect the quality of your sleep. To switch, tips such as supporting either the back or the right leg with a pillow; or having a dim light on the right side (this makes turning to the left a natural tendency), are employed.