The Lowdown on Terry Pheto’s Secret Wedding to Husband Masande Peter and Why She Dumped DJ Sbu

South Africa has many talented and popular figures that represent the country at the global stage of the entertainment industry but not many are as successful or admired and celebrated as Terry Pheto is. For an actress who has been active since 2005, it is only natural that she has come to be known for a lot of popular works. The most popular amongst them is the 2005 crime drama film, Tsotsi, wherein she played a lead role as Miriam. Apart from this movie directed by Gavin Hood which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the actress has been a part of other popular projects like A United Kingdom, Cuckold, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, How to Steal 2 Million, The Bold and The Beautiful, and much more.

Also a model, Terry Pheto has been very open about her career, making it possible for her numerous fans to keep up with her. However, the same cannot be said about her personal life as the actress has been relentless about keeping it private, especially since her relationship with DJ Sbu ended. As much as the media and the public have tried to pry into her personal life, nothing substantial has been revealed. This has only intensified inquiries about her love life but Pheto isn’t one to be pressured into coming out with such details.

Terry Pheto Supposedly Kept Her Wedding a Secret To Avoid Scrutiny

Following the end of her relationship with DJ Sbu which was basically open to the media and her fans when it came to light, Pheto made a good effort at keeping her subsequent relationships well away from the media and her fans. At first, many assumed she was single and was probably not yet ready to date again, hence, much wasn’t heard of Terry Pheto in terms of her love life. A good measure of the attention she received focused on her career until it emerged sometime in 2018 that she is engaged to one Masande Peter who is reportedly an Infotech juggernaut.

As it was reported then, she had been secretly dating Masande Peter for years and the relationship was going so well that he had asked the actress to marry him while they were on a vacation outside the country. More reports eventually surfaced suggesting that an inside source confirmed that the actress was very much in love with the Xhosa man and even regards him as the man of her dreams. However, despite how believable it all sounds, Pheto has refused to corroborate the story at the time making her fans all the more eager to know. When asked, she simply insisted that she had not seen any of the reports and would have a reply for everyone when she actually sees the reports for herself.

Despite her denial, however, something she said confirmed that indeed the actress was not single, she had simply chosen to keep the details to herself. She reportedly said it would not be respectful to drag her partner into the glare of the limelight shining on her industry. Finally, just as people were about to ignore the engagement report as another bout of fake news, it emerged that the actress was planning a secret wedding for December 2019.

How Did The Media Get Wind Of the Actress’ Alleged Marriage?

Terry has not stopped denying reports that she had a secret wedding, however, accounts from sources close to the actress have continuously suggested that she and Masande Peter planned to have a top-secret wedding in December 2019. It was said that the event would take place at a secret venue where phones wouldn’t be allowed. According to some reports, Terry Pheto was due to have her bachelorette party at the Indian Ocean island of Seychelles but postponed the party because she was delayed in Rome, Italy.

Given that, it is believed in some quarters that Terry Pheto is married to Masande Peter. Even though no one has been able to authenticate this, it has been held in some quarters that the wedding did really happen but was open to only very close friends and family and that indeed phones were not allowed at the venue. For someone who has been notoriously private about what goes on in her personal life, the actress has persistently brushed off questions about this. But one can hide being a wife for only too long. With time, we will all be able to know what her marital status truly is – if all the claims are true or just another rumor about a celebrity.

If the stories are true, then her husband is Masande Peter, a Xhosa man described as an IT expert. Apart from this, it is hard to tell anything about the man. For now, things like how they met, how long they dated, and what have you are not known.

Terry Pheto Also Initially Denied Her Relationship WIth DJ Sbu 

Terry Pheto and DJ Sbu
Terry Pheto and DJ Sbu: Image Source

Because of how the actress has been protective of her private life, it is widely held that she does so because of a past experience that forced her to learn how to keep her private life away from her profession and all of the strings attached to it. Being that DJ Sbu is the only high-profile personality Terry is known to have been with, this is the only publicly known relationship her fans are aware of. It has been assumed that the end of the relationship made the actress decide to be secretive about her love life.

While the circumstances that led to the breakup between the actress and the DJ are not known, it is no secret that they started dating in 2009. While many were skeptical about the relationship, fans wished them well in hopes that the true story of how they came to be an item would come to light eventually. This never happened as the relationship ended while many were still speculating. It did not equally help that both parties kept denying being an item even though their chemistry was rather obvious.

True to form and inspite of their many denials, both celebrities later admitted that they were an item for almost one year before they went their separate ways. This admission came years after whatever love they had for each other had fizzled out.

Why Did She Call it Quits With DJ Sbu?

Just as no one knew how and when Terry Pheto and DJ Sbu became lovers, what led to their separation in 2010 has equally been left open to speculations. Prominent among them is the belief that the actress who has been the face of L’Oréal was asked to end the relationship with the DJ as his “bad publicity” was not good for her endorsement deal with the L’Oreal brand.

The actress has dismissed this, relating that despite the negative breakup reports that followed her separation from Sbu, she and the DJ are in good terms. She added that the DJ is a good person and a friend she respects a great deal.

Apart from Terry Pheto, DJ Sbu has been with Disebo Makatsa with whom he had a daughter named Waratwa Leope. The DJ is yet to get married but from all indications as seen in the tweet above, he is working towards it. If we must take everything he says seriously, he wants to be married as a billionaire.

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