The Role of Sbahle Mpisane’s Parents In Her Miraculous Recovery and Truths About Her Age

Sbahle Mpisane is a South African social media influencer admired for being a reality TV star as much as she is celebrated as a fitness expert. She has social media to thank for her popularity as she began gaining attention from various quarters after she started sharing videos of her fitness routines on various social sites. A few years later, she accumulated millions of followers online and founded a brand known as Fitness Bunnie. Through her career journey and accomplishments, her parents, Sbu Mpisane and Shauwn Mkhize, have been a solid support system for Sbahle.

The fitness experts had a brush with death in August 2018 after she was involved in an ugly car accident. The unfortunate incident was a life-changing experience for the influencer and she would easily agree that she may not have come out of it as she did without the support of her family, especially her parents.

How Sbahle Mpisane’s Parents Helped Her Regain Her Mental Strength After the Accident

On the 9th of August 2018, Sbahle was involved in a car crash that almost claimed her life. The horrific accident happened at Margaret Mncadi Avenue in Durban and iit was reported that a vehicle crashed and burst into flames. When her father confirmed the incident, he related that Sbahle was in the ICU of St Augustine Hospital in Durban fighting for her life. As fate would have it, the incident didn’t claim her life but it left her in the hospital for a while and later, in a wheelchair.

The fitness enthusiast was said to have broken a lot of bones and spent three weeks in an induced coma to help her brain heal. She suffered memory loss and it took her more than a year to recover. Through all of these, Sbahle has credited her parents for helping her get back to normal.

The social media star would easily agree that recovering from the accident has been the toughest journey of her life. In an Instagram post, Sbahle related that when she woke from a three weeks coma induced to protect her swollen brain, her dad was right beside her and he held her down when she tried to rise to her feet.

Adding that her mother later joined them, she described the woman as her guardian angel. Sbahle expressed that her parents are a blessing that has helped her through the good and bad. For her, the “grace and heavenly calmness” of her mother informed the way she embraced her recovery process, believing she would come out of it a different and better person.

Her Mother Encourages Her to Stay Committed to Brain Treatment for Memory Recovery

In addition to injuries she sustained all over her body, Sbahle Mpisane lost her memory in the car crash and has been receiving brain treatment to help her recover her memory. People didn’t realize what this meant for the fitness expert until she was accused of murder. This happened in May 2019 when Mpisane celebrated remembering some lines of a Beyonce’s song. Reacting to that, a Twitter user inferred that the reality TV star had been faking suffering from amnesia. “Sbahle had ‘brain treatment’ to remember Beyonce lyrics but not how she killed a person. Oh hunny…” tweeted the fellow.

The tweet went viral, forcing Sbahle to address it and reveal how she had been battling to put her life together. She detailed that when she woke from her three weeks coma, she demanded of her mother to inform her high school receptionist that she wouldn’t be coming to school. She thought she was still in high school and in a hospital because she fell down the school stairs. Adding that family and friends reintroduced themselves to her, Mpisane disclosed that she subjects herself to a brain stimulation machine for an hour each day.

With that, she asserted that her mother champions and motivates her through the process. To ensure that Sbahle stayed committed to the treatment, Shauwn would sit with her daughter through the process. According to Mpisane, this made her succumb to the treatment which has been of great value to her recovery.

Meanwhile, a fellow named Brian has revealed that no one was with Sbahle in the car as insinuated by the Twitter user that accused her of killing someone. Brian was the first person on the scene of the accident, he extinguished the fire on Mpisane’s car after the crash, saving her from a possible car explosion.

Sbahle Mpisane Was Born In June 1993

The social media influencer is still a very young woman and marks her birth anniversary on the 18th of June every year. Even though much is not known about her early life, it is no secret that she is not the only child of her parents. She has a brother named Andile Mpisane and two sisters named Amanda and Tumi Mpisane.

Also, anyone who cares to know would easily figure out that she came from a family that didn’t have to struggle to provide for her and her siblings. Sbahle’s parents are popular figures. Her father is a successful businessman and former metro policeman while on the other hand, her mother is a famous business mogul and reality TV star.

As her parents are financially well-off, it has been easy for the family to get Sbahle the best treatment that aided her recovery process after the ghastly accident that almost claimed her life at the age of 25.

The Social Media Influencer Met Her Mother When She Was Six

Given the kind of relationship that Sbahle Mpisane has with Shauwn Mkhize, people are often surprised to learn that Shauwn isn’t Sbahle’s biological mother. Sbu already had her from a previous relationship before he got married to Shauwn. While the identity of her biological mother has remained a secret, Sbahle would contend she has the best mother in the world (in Shauwn Mkhize).

In an episode of her family’s reality show, Shauwn disclosed that she and Sbahle met for the first time when she was either six or seven years old. Since then, they have been a part of each other’s lives and have a bond that’s super strong.

Even after Sbu and Shauwn had a nasty, public split, Sbahle’s relationship with Shauwn hasn’t changed in any way. Also, she maintains a good relationship with her father.

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