The Untold Truth of Abraham Williams, Tulsi Gabbard’s Husband

American Lower Congress legislator, Tulsi Gabbard gained heightened media attention after she joined the 2020 race for the Oval Office. Gabbard has been the United States Representative for the 2nd Congressional District of Hawaii since 2013. She had earlier served in the Honolulu City Council and the Hawaii House of Representatives. Before joining politics, Tulsi served in the U.S Army, reaching the level of a Major. Meanwhile, before Tulsi Gabbard gets the chance of a face-off with Donald Trump, she must first pull down a number of popular political personalities like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren who are all contesting for the Democratic nominee ticket. However, throwing all his weight behind Tulsi Gabbard in this tough presidential race is her husband, Abraham Williams. Here are facts about him.

Abraham Williams’ Background

Abraham Williams, Tulsi Gabbard’s husband is an independent photography director, cinematographer, and Steadicam operator based in Hawaii and Washington D.C. He was born in the late 1980s in New Zealand. He, however, holds American nationality, having grown up in Hawaii. Abraham was raised a Jagad Guru (Chris Butler) devotee and Hare Krishna follower and previously went by the name, Abhay Anthony. His mother, Anya married Timothy Anthony (a middle school teacher in Honolulu) after separating with his biological father. Coincidentally, she works as a manager at the Honolulu District Office in Hawaii which is the headquarter of Tulsi Gabbard’s congressional jurisdiction. She started working there long before Abraham met Tulsi.

As a cinematographer and steadicam/camera operator, Williams has worked on numerous films. Among them are Last Taxi DanceKnight Watch, The Pit Where We Were Born, The Candle & the Curse, and many others. He is very passionate about his profession and often posts events from his career on social media. According to Williams, he loves capturing people on camera, alongside their emotions, character, and story. Light, which is a major ingredient in photography also fascinates him, and he loves to use it to capture and transmit people’s messages and stories to viewers through camera lenses. Abraham owns an official website where he offers varied photography services, ranging from photo and video shoots to editing and coloring.

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Abraham Williams’ Relationship with Tulsi Gabbard

Williams and Gabbard during their marriage solemnization image source

Having learned that William’s mother works in Gabbard’s office, one might be tempted to think that he met her through his mum. But that was not the case. Abraham and Tulsi became connected in 2012 while he voluntarily shot ads for her congressional campaign that year. About a year and a half after, the duo went on their first date. That was after Williams asked Gabbard out at the end of a birthday party a mutual friend organised on behalf of the latter. Following the date night during which the two had a relaxed opportunity to discuss personal affairs, the rest became history.

Meanwhile, both Tulsi and Abraham are Hawaii natives and grew up loving the ocean and surfing. Interestingly, he popped the big question during one of their ocean dates in February 2015 while they were both sailing on surfboards and watching the sunset. Romantic! The duo subsequently wedded on April 9, 2015, in a Hindu ceremony held in Oahu, Kahaluʻu in Hawaii. At the time of their wedding, Williams was 26 while Gabbard was almost 34.

Despite being married to a famous personality, Abraham Williams prefers keeping a low profile. He also refrains from making public comments on Tulsi Gabbard’s political career. He, however, still shoots his wife’s campaign ads, while his mother still works as the Honolulu District Office manager. Anya Anthony is also an integral part of “Team Tulsi” where she works very hard to get things done the right way and time. Abraham Williams and Tulsi Gabbard have no kids yet.

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Good to note that Tulsi Gabbard’s marriage to Abraham Williams is her second while it is the latter’s first. Prior to marring Williams, Gabbard married Eduardo Tamayo in 2002. Barely two years into their marriage, Tulsi Gabbard went off to Iraq on a 12-month duty with the Hawaii Army National Guard. The aftermath of the trip put strains on their union, causing the duo to eventually part ways in 2006. Tamayo and Gabbard had no kids together.

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