The Untold Truth of Lorenzen Wright’s Death and Facts about his Wife & Children

Boy meets girl; boy and girl get married and have several kids; girl later murders boy for his life insurance money. Sounds like the script of a Hollywood movie right? Well, it is not. This is the true life story of retired NBA star, Lorenzen Wright. Wright was shot dead in July 2010 and it took seven years before the cops unmasked his killers. So, who conspired to murder Wright? What about his wife and kids? All these and more are explored below.

Lorenzen Wright Age

Lorenzen Vern-Gagne Wright was born on the 4th of November 1975 in Oxford, Mississippi. His mother’s name is Marion while his father’s name is Herb. Wright grew up in Memphis and started playing basketball when he was still in high school. He continued his exploits in college and was drafted, 7th overall, into the NBA in 1996. Wright would go on to spend a total of 13 years in the league during which he played for teams such as the L.A. Clippers, Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers. The power forward endeared himself to many with his basketball skills as well philanthropic gestures.

Facts about his Wife and Children

Lorenzen Wright was married to Sherra Wright Robinson. Robinson was the daughter of his high school basketball coach and the two reportedly met during practice. They fell for each other and subsequently commenced a relationship. The couple later tied the knot in 1998. Wright and his wife welcomed a total of seven children during their marriage. They include four sons, Lorenzen Wright Jr, Shamar, Lamar and Lawson and three daughters, Sofia, Sierra and Loren. Sierra later died of SIDS at the age of 11 months. An insight into Wright and Robinson’s martial life shows that it was less than perfect. The couple lived lavishly and burnt through the $ 55 million that Wright made in his career. They were also reports of domestic violence and infidelity as Robinson caught her husband with other women on several occasions. The couple eventually separated in early 2009 and finalized their divorce in February 2010.

Lorenzen Wright
Sherra Wright Robinson in court image source

When Did Lorenzen Wright Die?

On the 18th of July 2010, Wright returned to Memphis in order to spend some time with his kids. He picked up his eldest son from the gym and later dropped him off at his ex-wife’s house. This was the last time that anybody saw the former NBA star. Wright’s mom, Marion, reported him missing on the 22nd of July and the cops immediately swung into action. They questioned Robinson and she told them that he left her house around 2am on the 19th of July. She also insinuated that her husband was involved in some criminal activity by claiming that he left her house with drugs and cash.

The police eventually made a headway when they discovered a 911 call that had been placed by Wright around 12:05am, 19th of July. In the call, the basketballer could be heard shouting “damn” followed by multiple gunshots. The call was eventually tracked to an overgrown field where Wright’s decomposing body was discovered. The player had been hit by five bullets from two guns; two shots to the head, two to the chest and one to his right arm. Wright’s murderdevastated the entire city and a memorial was later held for him at the Fedex Forum Memphis. Thousands, including coaches, former teammates as well as relatives, trouped out to pay their respects.

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How Did Lorenzen Wright Die?

After the funeral, Robinson claimed her ex-husband’s life insurance money and spent it on swimming pools, exotic family trips and several luxury cars. She also published a book titled Mr Tell Me Anything. The book revolved around a philandering NBA player who later gets murdered. Detectives finally made a headway when a tip led them to a murky lake in Walnut, Mississippi. Divers were able to recover one of the guns used to kill Wright, and Robinson was arrested. Also apprehended was a man named Billy Ray Turner. Turner was a convicted felon as well as a deacon in the same church that Robinson attended. It emerged that Robinson had conspired with Tuner as well as her cousin, Martin, to murder her ex-husband. The two men had earlier tried to kill Wright in his Atlanta townhouse in early 2010 but did not succeed. Turner later succeeded in this evil mission in July 2010. Turner and Robinson were both charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder. Robinson took a plea deal and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Turner, on the other hand, insists on his innocence and his case will go to trial.

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