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While there are still distinctions between Canada and America, when it comes to certain things, especially show business, it is difficult to determine where the line ends for America and where it starts for Canada. There is an interwoven relationship that cuts across borders and economic and cultural differences. From film to television and to music, Canada and America have regularly shared their play toys and talents. It does help that one city offers major tax breaks. One of the products of the symbiotic relationship between both countries is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, more popularly known as The Weeknd.

Like another fellow Canadians, Tesfaye is a dominant force in the American Music industry. The Weeknd is a familiar name and personality to anyone with diversified music interest, however, read below to learn more about his net worth and his relationship with Selena Gomez.

The Weeknd – Bio

Abel Tesfaye is one of the modern day artists who has taken advantage of social media to build a following for themselves instead of waiting for music labels to snap them up and promote them. Tesfaye, who was born in Toronto, Ontario in Canada on the 16th of February, 1990 is of Ethiopian origin having been born to two Ethiopian immigrants, Makkonen and Samra Tesfaye.

As the only child of his parents, Tesfaye was raised and cared for by his mother and his maternal grandmother after his father abandoned the family. When asked, Abel has described his childhood as the plot of the film, Kids (but without the AIDS part). Abel, who would be plagued by drug addiction later in his life, started doing drugs at the age of 11, smoking marijuana before he graduated to harder drugs like oxycodone and cocaine.
Abel tried to pursue formal education, attending West Hill Collegiate Institute and Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute before he dropped out and gave up on a formal education.

Later on, he was opportune to meet with producer Jeremy Rose which led to a recording of three songs, What You Need, Loft Music and The Morning. Abel uploaded all three songs to YouTube in December 2010 and it garnered enough interest for fellow Canadian singer-rapper, Drake to mention it in a blog post. The increased popularity of the songs after Drake’s mention drew the attention of the music world to an artist named “The Weeknd”.

He released his first mixtape in March 2011 titled House of Balloons. The mixtape enjoyed a similar reception to his first three tracks. A collaboration ensued between him and Drake and he was featured as a writer or artist in five of Drake’s 2011 album. After working on the album, Abel released two more mixtapes, Thursday and Echoes of Silence.

Abel was signed to Republic Records in 2012 and released his first studio album, Kiss Land in 2013. The album was positively received by music critics and it debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200. He followed his first studio album with Beauty Behind the Madness, which was released in 2015 after the release of a string of successful singles, including The Hills which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Beauty behind the Madness was certified double platinum and it sold over 1.5 million copies globally. He further released his third album in 2017 titled Starboy.

He has drawn a comparison to Michael Jackson and R. Kelly in his music style and he has confirmed the two iconic musicians are great inspirations for his music. He is known to sing primarily in the R&B genre. Although he has dabbled in rap and pop music.
As well as being a musician, Tesfaye is also a businessman who regularly partners with numerous business of interests in promoting his music or brand. He has worked with brands like Puma, Alexandra Want, Pax, One, and Marvel.

In his short career, The Weeknd has been nominated for an Oscar, won three Grammy Awards and two American Music Awards, among others.

Net Worth

Three successful albums, multiple successful collaborations, and business ventures have helped Abel build a massive wealth. The Ethiopian descent has an estimated net worth of $92 million. Having gone on various successful tours and shows in promotion of his songs, it is easy to see how the young artist has built a massive fortune in a short time.

Relationship with Selena

The Weeknd
The Weeknd and Selena Gomez

The Weeknd was once in a public relationship with the model, Bella Hadid but that quickly died and he announced after a couple of subtle messages in his lyrics and Instagram posts that he was dating Selena Gomez. The couple dated for 10 months before a split was announced by the couple after Selena was seen reuniting with former boyfriend, Justin Bieber.


The Weeknd doesn’t need to be the tallest man in the room to establish his dominance. The talented singer’s resume and voice do all the domineering for him. He, thus, however, stands at 5 feet and 11 inches, weighing 87 kg.

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