Theryn Meyer – Bio, Facts About The Transgender YouTuber

Theryn Meyer is a renowned transgender celebrity, internet personality and activist, most popular for her YouTube channel tagged Theryn, where she has built a huge fan base with thousands of subscribers. The transgender celebrity, who is also of South African and Canadian ancestry went through years of social discomfort (bullying) as a result of his feminine looks and physical attributes which made her appear somewhat like a lady despite being born a male.

In a quest to belong, he proceeded with gender transition from male to female. Over the years, she has freely expressed her views and beliefs about sexuality, most of which she has uploaded on her YouTube channel to the admiration of her many fans. Stay with us, as we explore the bio and other facts about this South African-Canadian unique Transgender YouTuber.

Theryn Meyer – Bio

Theryn Meyer’s actual date and year of birth is not public knowledge as the vlogger keeps many things about her personal life away from the glaring eyes of the media. However, it is a well-known fact that she was originally born a boy in South Africa. While she was growing, her innate gender features made her appear like a woman. When she enrolled in an all boys High School in South Africa, she was visibly different from the rest of the students and automatically became an object of caricature. Meyer’s childhood and High School became a nightmare for her as she was constantly attacked by her fellow students because of her looks.

She wasn’t spared from the same agony and ordeal at her immediate neighborhood, the story was the same. The only place she had succor was with her family at home, especially her mother. She had a breath of fresh air when the family relocated to Canada where she was accepted the way she was. Whilst in Canada, she took the opportunity to undergo a gender transition.

Years later, she was admitted to the University of Vancouver British Columba where she studied Music Composition. Right there in the school, she was actively involved in social activities and extracurricular outings that she was able to head The Advocacy for Men & Boys Club as the President, a group that stands out to promote the Men’s right.

She also championed anti-feminist movements which did not go well with a lot of people who see her as a Confucianist that wanted to create an unnecessary uproar by the very reason of her transition. Theryn Meyer is known to be liberal when it comes to one’s choice of sexuality. Her support for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) movement is evident and she has never failed to advocate for the right of the movement.

In order to communicate her opinions and views about so many things that bother on humanity, social discourse, and men’s rights, she got herself a YouTube channel to champion her cause. Popular videos credited to her include Men’s Right and Makeup, This is what a woman looks like, Dr. Jordan Peterson chats with a reasonable trans person, The Transformation of my Voice MtF.

She created an eponymous channel account in the video sharing platform precisely on August 18, 2018. Her channel in less than a year commands over 5,000 subscribers with over 80,650 views. Popular videos found on her channels include: EXPOSING My Messy Insecurities to the Internet (bad idea), My absurd School projects that leave teachers concerned, Talking about my problematic past while being fully problematic. Below are more facts to know about the YouTube Star.

Facts About The Transgender YouTuber 

1. Her Family

Nothing much is known about Theryn Meyer’s family. She has been so tight-lipped about her family background. However, it is already known that her family moved to Canada when she was very young. Her family has been very supportive especially her mother. She even admitted that her mother taught her how to live as a woman before her transition. More so, it is not known if she is the only child of her parents or not.

2. How Much Is Her Net worth?

Looking at Theryn’s blossoming YouTube career, there is no doubt she is making a decent amount of money from her career. Aside from YouTube, she has reportedly earned from the Pro Men’s Rights Movements and other business endeavors. All these and more sums her net worth to be $200,000.

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3. Personal Life/Relationships

Theryn Meyer
Theryn Meyer’s Partner Callisia De Sousa Image Source

Among the many questions that people ask about the vlogger, is the identity of her love interest or possible lover. Well, having transformed into a woman whilst still openly showing support for male folks, it is expected that gorgeous Theryn would have some special in her life. However, on the 5th April 2019, the YouTube star finally let the world in on who she is in a relationship with. It’s no other than Callisia De Sousa who is a Canadian Sales consultant at Virgin Mobile according to her social media information.

4. She Has Divergent Views about the School System.

With the ugly experience she had in High School, she has come to the opinion that the school system may be harmful to the kids who appear different from others. She has also called for measures to checkmate the anomalies.


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