These Are The Television Talk Shows Shaping Africa Today

The Oprah Winfrey show will probably be the earliest and most frequent talk show that most people remember watching. With a total of 25 years in the business, only ending in 2011 as Oprah went ahead to launch her own network, the Oprah Winfrey Network, it really didn’t come as a surprise. The success of that show; spear-headed by an African-american woman who became quite the household name and a beacon of success; obviously spurred a new culture, with various people, Africans included venturing into talk shows.

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Talk shows are special in the way that they present issues, often bringing out many different sides of a particular personality or situation, with back and forth ideas that are most of the time inclusive. They are basically a television programming genre where a person or group of people discuss varied topics put forward by the actual host. The guest or guests are usually experts in the field or celebrities with a lot of buzz and the host drives the conversation as different determinations and discoveries are shared. The guests can either already be seated or introduced and then enter from backstage.

Attempts are made at new talk shows and while a lot are unable to hold viewership and stand the test of time, some remain relevant, endearing themselves to viewers and going on to make their hosts just as fabulously famous.

Here are three of the most popular television talk shows in Africa currently and why we think they’re special;



Mo Abudu’s Moments formerly called Moments with Mo probably doesn’t need much highlighting, as the first syndicated daily talk show on African regional television, it stands practically in a class of its own. Showing exclusively on EbonyLife TV, it airs across 49 African countries and on cable TV in the UK. It has aired for 10 years and to date, has managed through dedicated and consistently classy shows to transform the face of African TV. Celebrating achievements on almost every level, both young and old, with an impressive list of guests from Presidents to Nobel Laureates, Moments has managed to create an awesome picture of Africa and launched the careers of more than a few other younger talk shows some whose hosts are now home-grown co-hosts along with the now Executive Chairman and CEO of EbonyLife TV, Mo Abudu.

Katch It With Khanyi:

Katch It With Kanyi


Katch it with Khanyi is a South African talk show produced by Endemol and aired on When Khanyi Mbau set out to turn her life around and began work on this show, a lot of people must have had their doubts, but well into its third season now, the talk show is raking up impressive viewing numbers for and as such, Khanyi Mbau is not prepared to quit. The talk show which sees her sit down with celebrities and well-known people in South Africa while they discuss headlines and their personal lives is one of South Africa’s most beloved talk shows. In the first episode of the third season for instance, Khanyi was joined by the First Lady of South Africa, Madam Thobeka Madiba Zuma to chat about her journey, career, and her relationship with President Jacob Zuma.

At Home With Joselyn Dumas:

At Home With Joselyn Dumas


Joselyn Dumas hosts this African Magic talk show that started airing in 2013 and has over time built quite a presence. It has the Ghanaian actress inviting people, mostly fellow celebrities into her home where they get comfortable and interact on a range of topics also giving us glimpses into their personal lives.

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We expect to see the rise of many more talk shows in different parts of Africa over the next couple of years, as Nigeria and South Africa alone seem to be the most well represented in the field. There are still a number of currently running talk shows not listed here like; Inside Out with Agatha (which has run for 17 years in Nigeria), Screen time with Nicky Greenwall, Rubbing minds with Ebuka Obi Uchendu; either because they have not been on for too long or are not yet very well-known, but all the same we wish every aspiring and practicing talk show host greater influence as they continue painting a better picture for Africa.