Thessalonika Arzu-Embry: Doctorate Degree At 16 – Absolutely Dumbfounding!

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry, often described as a “great heart” is a 16-year-old public speaker who is soon to bag a doctorate degree in aviation psychology. How in the world did she get that far so soon? Well Thessalonika is a normal teenage black girl from North Chicago, loves traveling, swimming and the tennis sport.

Beat this… at the age of 11, she had started taking college courses at the College of Lake County; bachelor’s degree at 14, in psychology from Thomas Edison in 2013; bagged a Master’s degree and moving on to a doctorate program! In completing her Master’s degree, she satisfied her interest in business which she calls a “dynamic profession”. To have come this far so young, Thessalonika must be a knowledge enthusiast and an ardent reader.

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It appears home-schooling is a common factor in the motivating stories of young black child prodigies. What’s the idea? Perhaps the possibility of lesser pressure at home as opposed to the classroom scenario is the give-away trick. Thessalonika was home schooled by her mother right from the age of 4. Her father is a private pilot, military veteran and currently works in a managerial position at O’Hare International Airport.

Thessalonika Arzu-Embry3

The possibility of assimilating advanced works with ease at a rather young age led to the report that her IQ was measured at 199. Going by this, Thessalonika ranks higher by a grand 30 points the IQ’s of world-renowned Stephen Hawking and Albert Einsten.

Already she has graduated with her master’s degree in organizational leadership and strategic foresight through an online program offered by Regent University in Virginia; but it didn’t stop there, she is going for her doctorate program in aviation psychology which will take up to 3 years by her choice of study pattern – a mix of on-campus and online studies.

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In other words, before she is 20, she will be adding the “Dr.” title to her name. That’s quite a feat to be achieved especially in a time of countless digital distractions getting in the way of studies. Speaking of which, the only side attractions on this young lady’s schedule are her church activities and conferences.

Going in her father’s footsteps, Thessalonika dreams of ending up a consultant in aviation, “we want to keep people safe in the air,” she says.

It is no surprise that this brilliant youngster has authored three published books – Jump The Education BarrierThe Genius RaceIn the Future – All available at her website –

Surprisingly, Thessalonika also has a black belt in Six Sigma management? What is this young lady not ready for? As a teenager, she has accomplished way more than adults double and triple her age. What can we say, success is obviously not age inclined after all.

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