7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Zion.T

Zion.T, born as Kim Hae-sol, is a South Korean R&B and Hip hop songster currently signed to one of YG Entertainment subsidiaries, The Black Label which is home to many renowned musicians, producers, models, and actors including Somi, Teddy, and Heo Jae-hyuk.

The musician rose to fame after his 2014 digital single ‘Yanghwa BRDG’ which became critically and commercially successful. The famed songster is extremely gifted as he has written and composed the majority of his lyrics and songs that are generally regarded as relatable and authentic. As a result, he has amassed a huge fan following on his social media handles, especially on Instagram where he has over 1.5 million followers. He has also featured in many variety shows as a producer, participant, and cast member including Show Me The Money 5, Hidden Singer (Season 5), and My Major Is Hip Hop. Below are a few other things you probably did not know about him.

7 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Zion.T

1. The Meaning of His Professional Name

Having been brought up in a Christian home where his mother was a pastor, Zion.T coined his stage name from the Holy Bible with the first part ‘Zion’ coming from Mount Zion and the ‘T’ representing the cross of Calvary.

The multi-talented songster is never ashamed to publicize his faith as he wants the whole world to know that he is a Christian. He has also adopted the moniker ‘Skinny Red’ after the crew members of the band he joined in his early music career gave him the name because he always wears a red hat.

2. Inspiration and Influence on His Music

Zion.T gets inspiration for his music from the happenings in his everyday life, both the great moments and the unpleasant ones. For instance, he gets inspired by little things like the feeling he got while walking with someone, the light that shines from traffic lights in the middle of the night, the warmness of a fresh cup of coffee, and so on.

Regarding who inspires him, he said that he can draw inspiration from thinking about someone, whether in the form of a memory or thought about the future whereby he experiences some sort of emotions. Sometimes, while watching a movie, he imagines the song that befits a particular scene in a movie and begins to write and make a new song out of it.

3. Zion.T’s Collaborations

Zion.T and Crush (image source)

In the course of his illustrious music career, Zion.T has collaborated with several reputable artists to drop many successful tracks. His collaboration credits include ‘$ponsor’ with Haha, ‘Just’ with Crush, and ‘Machine Gun’ with Kush & Mino. As a featured artist, his music credits include ‘See-Through’ Primary feat. Gaeko & Zion.T, ‘Eureka’ Zico feat. Zion.T, and ‘Three Dopeboyz’ Dynamic Duo feat. Zion.T.

4. His song, ‘May’ Was Inspired by His Ex-Girlfriend

Zion.T dropped a mawkish ballad titled, ‘May’ on 6th November 2019 after a year-long break. One might think that he got the timing of the song wrong since it was long past the month of May. However, the 5 feet 9 inches tall music sensation disclosed during an interview with The Korea Times Wednesday at a cafe in Hapjeong-dong, Western Seoul, that he had other options for the title such as ‘Autumn Night’ or ‘November Night’ but wanted to be sincere since he met his ex-girlfriend in May.

Following the fact that he didn’t want the song to be his own story, he avoided being excessively genuine and as a result, he made the song to be a narrative for many people. However, the song is based on his true romance story that revolved around how he met his lover, sank into ennui and faced a breakup at the end. He wished that through the song, some listeners might recall their encounters in May while others think of their separations.

5. Future Plans

After closing the year 2019 with the lovely ballad ‘May’, Zion.T stated that following the three stages he passed through in his career which comprised of the stage of hip hop tones in ‘Click Me’, soft R&B in ‘Yanghwa BRDG’, and the third stage with the lovely ballad in ‘May’, he will try a fresh music genre as the fourth stage in 2020. He further stated that he wants to try and experience something new for himself, although he fears his new music might not be what people really need.

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6. Accolades

The adept songster has won several accolades that include the Korean Music Awards, Golden Disk Awards, Melon Music Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, Seoul Music Awards, and Gaon Chart Music Awards.

7. Net Worth

Having released many hit singles, including ‘Babay’ feat. Gaeko, ‘Yanghwa BRDG’, ‘Eat’ and ‘The Song’, Zion.T has garnered himself tremendous fortune and fame. He reportedly has a financial value estimated at $8 million, a figure that will surely be much more in the coming years.


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