Mirror Mirror on the wall… Who’s the most beautiful of them all? And there you have it, the tropical city of hills and valleys becomes the latest and officially the most beautiful city in Africa. According to United Nations, Kigali, the Capital of Rwanda is the most beautiful city in Africa. Who would have thought that a lowly yet potential location will be Africa’s most beautiful?. This leaves tons wondering, whatever happened to the continent’s fastest growing and leading economies? Let’s get this clearly, Rwanda by the IMF evaluation 2014, takes the 138th position-GDP per capita and 163rd by nominal GDP; Rwanda does not even make it to top 20 Africa’s richest countries. So, clearly it has zero to do with the figures, but maybe everything to do with the level of organisation, aesthetics, cleanliness, proper management, just say keeping up a colorfully serene beauty.

Kigali is the economic hub and centre of Rwanda; with a 730 kmarea measurement it is home to approximately 1 million people. Perhaps the size and humble but vibrant economic prowess has made the aesthetics and general organisation of the city a lot more feasible. Most city capitals are always spectacular but Kigali, Rwanda’s capital takes the cake in Africa. What can we say, if UN made the declaration, then there just has to be something for the rest of Africa to learn from this exemplary capital city. Let’s see if we can spot one or two things down here:








Kigali Roads