Zim Youth Use ‘ThisGown’ Hashtag To Plan A Protest Against Unemployment

Another protest is underway in Zimbabwe as ThisGown supporters aim to push the government to create jobs for unemployed Zimbabwean youth.

ThisGown came to be when a picture of supposed Zimbabwean graduates working as a road-side vendors in their graduation gown went viral on Twitter.

The image was posted by @proud_dissident on Twitter and has resulted in even more unemployed graduates posting pictures of themselves in their graduation gowns doing menial jobs.

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Zimbabweans on Twitter had a lot to say about ThisGown movement:

“2.2 m//illion jobs they said. ,” @haz_sek said.

“We really really need to stand up to our Government. They have failed us 4+ years dzakawanda amana,” @rastazim said.

“Zimbabweans are living life. A hard life. Meanwhile &his 55yr old Zanu ‘youths’ are out of touch in fantasy land ,” @tanyaradzwa__ said.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. If there’s one thing these images of unemployed Zimbabwean graduates says, it is of the harsh reality that these youth face upon graduation from the university.

Although there are about 30,000 graduates in Zimbabwe every year, it is difficult for them to find formal jobs. This has, in turn, led to Zimbabwean graduates taking up menial jobs in order to make ends meet.

Zim Youth Use ThisGown Hashtag To Protest Against Unemployment

Zimbabweans are obviously tired of the current government’s shortcomings and have decided not to keep shut about it.

Even Mugabe’s long-time allies– the war veterans have refuted their endorsement of President Mugabe stating that he has failed.

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The images have inspired a protest to be planned in the coming weeks. The protest will feature unemployed Zimbabwean graduates as they walk from freedom square to parliament in order to give more meaning to ThisGown.