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A Psychology drop-out who chose to pursue a career in the art world, Thomas Beaudoin has eventually built an impressive career as an actor. His career has spanned for a couple of years which has seen him grow from theatre plays to the big acting industry, Hollywood. Prior to his days as an actor, he modeled for a few prestigious organizations including the likes of Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Ray-Ban and others.

The actor who takes delight in anything called fun, often times prefer to do lots of other things in his spare time. He is currently assumed single and has faced a few speculations as regarding his sexual orientation. This article contains all the facts you need to know about the man who knows no slowing down with his acting career.

Thomas Beaudoin – Bio

Thomas Beaudoin was born on the 21st day in the month of August 1981 in Quebec City Canada. No one can really tell who his parents are. Also, there are no available details pertaining to his early years but we know Thomas has two sisters whom he was raised with in Drummondville. He is bilingual as he can speak French and English Fluently.

Furthermore, there is sparse information pertaining to the details of his educational achievements. However, the few available records have it that he attempted to study psychology at Concordia University in Montreal but he didn’t complete his studies there. Thomas dropped out to pursue his dreams as an actor which eventually led to his relocation to New York.

On arrival at New York, Thomas Beaudoin got started as a model. He started off working for brands like Armani, Dolce & Gabanna, Ray-Ban and other prestigious firms. He became the face of lots of commercials and graced several magazines covers. Thomas lived off on his career as a model and subsequently decided to study theatre arts at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. After years of learning, he put what he was taught into practice, perfecting every role he was given as a stage actor.

Thomas Beaudoin went on auditioning for several roles and eventually landed his first acting role off Broadway. He graced several platforms on stage plays including Orpheus Descending, a Tennessee Williams play, Cuisine & Dependances by Jaoui & Bacri’s, La Dame Aux Camelias by Dumas. His excellence in stage plays subsequently cemented his roles in full-length movies. Beaudoin played roles in movies like The Spirit of Christmas, Love’s Last Resort, Off the Rails, and Blue Moon. He also made guest appearances on NBC’s show, The Blacklist. His appearance as a mysterious tattoo artist in the movie Hubert et Fanny earned him rave reviews as well as a few critics.

Thomas Beaudoin is one of the many actors in Hollywood whose looks and excellent performances have gotten them roles as lover boys. He played as the love interest of Florence in the 2018 romantic movie When Love Digs a Hole. All through his career, he has appeared in over 15 movies, spreading across both movies, drams, and shows.

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With all he has on his slate career-wise, Thomas is said to sit on a net worth of $5 million. At the pace he is growing, we believe in the subsequent years, his net worth is bound to increase.

Besides acting, Thomas Beudion loves the camera. He has a quest for photography and cinematography. He enjoys outdoor games and is a hockey play. Also, he is a lover of motorcycles. He has partnered with the organization, Gentleman’s Rides to raise money for several charities. He is skilled as a piano player, he acted as a pianist in the movie. the Spirit of Christmas. Thomas has also learned Krav-Maga, a fighting style.

If Married, Who is The Wife or Girlfriend? 

Thomas Beaudoin and Jane Lilly on the set of The Spirit Of Christmas
Thomas Beaudoin and Jane Lilly on the set of The Spirit Of Christmas

With a killer body like his, Thomas Beaudoin’s singledom for a while caused a lot of speculations online. Some referred to him as gay while others presumed that he has a straight sexual orientation. Despite the plenty controversies, Thomas was silent about the details of his relationship status.

However, while playing a movie role, he presumably fell in love with Jane Lily. The love chemistry that existed between them was so obvious that viewers began to suspect they had already become an item. Speculations spurred up with many already concluding that they were both in a relationship. None of them accepted or denied these claims.

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Meanwhile, as at the time of the rumors, Lily Jane was formerly married to Jason Wayne; a man she married on the 27th of May 2007. She was quite busy with her husband and turned deaf ears to the speculations.

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Apart from that movie romance, Thomas Beaudoin has never been known to be romantically linked to anyone whether male or female. So, we wouldn’t be totally wrong to assume that he has chosen to focus on his career instead. Furthermore, until Beaudoin gives an insight into his love life, we preassume that he is currently single.

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