Thought Controlled Drones, Another Leap Forward With Technology

As we find more ways in this part of the world to inculcate drone technology in our day to day activities; like Rwanda which is attempting to better its medical services delivery by using drones, the technology keeps going forward.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are usually controlled with various kinds of autonomy, either remote controlled by an operator, located on the ground or in another vehicle, or fully autonomously, by on-board computers.

They have proved especially useful in combat, but have also been used in surveillance and even amazon last year proposed a plan to begin delivering orders using drones. The thought controlled drones which this article focuses on were however employed recently in a rather novel way.

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In a competition billed as the world’s first race for drones controlled by people’s thoughts, 16 pilots gathered in an indoor basketball court at Florida University to fly thought controlled drones over a course of just 10 yards.

Thought Controlled Drones

They wore black headsets with tentacle-like sensors stretched over their foreheads and staring at cubes floating on computer screens, they focused their thoughts on moving the cubes with the resultant effect of their thought controlled drones whirring, rising and buzzing through the air.

Thought Controlled Drones will Make Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Popular

Some struggled to move their drones even a few feet, while others controlled them so expertly that they zipped confidently across the finish line. The system worked by using an EEG headset that had been calibrated to identify the electrical activity associated with particular thoughts in each wearer’s brain after which programmers wrote codes to translate these “imaginary motion” signals into commands that computers send to the drones. It’s Brain-Computer Interface employed to have fun and everybody loves fun.

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Where BCI has been a technology commonly geared for medical purposes, like enabling people disabled people attain a level of movement (mostly constrained to a research lab) this thought controlled drone races will bring the technology to the public eye.

It will not stop with thought controlled drones either, as the technology progresses, we are sure to have more mind controlled devices and in a couple of years, you or at the very least your children, may be able to unlock doors or play music, utilizing thought alone.