In this day and age, it really is not a matter of choice anymore. Chances are most people are involved in a side job or an actual job that requires connection with a wide range of people and because of this, any type of business becomes a business of knowing people, of networking and only by being able to have the right partners, support network or even just contacts will you be able to guarantee your success in whatever business or entrepreneurial venture.

To do this – expand in your field or industry – you would have to go to conferences, workshops or conventions and beyond seating as part of the audience during the lectures, you will have to work the room afterwards, gathering contacts and networking. For some people, that comes easily but some others find it difficult to strike up conversations with strangers.

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This article therefore highlights three ways that you can scale over that challenge and not only make the experience easier for yourself, but also impress your contact while enjoying yourself.


Do Your Homework:

If you are going for an event where you already know the facilitators and attendees that will possibly be present, scan the list for who you would really like to meet- someone working in your field, someone who knows someone you know, or someone whose products you’ve bought and loved. Then see if you can find out anymore stuff about them.

When you see them, it will be much easier for you to describe what you like about their work or about their person or to call up a mutual relationship you both have. Compliments and mutual interests are always excellent starters for conversation.

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Get People To Come To You:

Getting someone to come to you is a less daunting prospect than walking up to a complete stranger. To do this, you will have to volunteer to help out in one way or the other in the program. It might mean taking part in a panel or, if it’s a small event, helping with the organization. A role in the event will have people walking up to you talk to you and ask for questions or directions and that takes the awkwardness of that first contact away.


Think Up Opening Lines In Advance:

Preparation in the face of fear is always a smart thing to do. Conversations with strangers often start with exchanges of names, career lines and the likes.

You could also as how they heard about the event or what their connections is to the group, there is a possibility of it seeming awkward but the truth is the person you are speaking with also finds networking just as daunting. For that reason they will be grateful that someone is making an attempt and keep the conversation friendly.

Your business needs good ideas and adequate organization to thrive, but it also requires you to talk a good game and enable it to expand and learning the basics of small talk will quickly lead to big conversations.