Three Nigerian Artists With Amazing Photo-Realistic Talent

There are gifted people, and there are those with talents that make you wonder where you were or what you were doing when God was giving talents to humans.

Three of these people are Nigerian artists who have caught the hearts of millions over their photo-realistic drawings/paintings. Rather than feel jealous, their precise attention to detail will leave you inspired. In fact, right now “I have a dream! ”


oscar ukonu artist

Oscar Ukonu is a self-taught artist who began drawing at age 9. He started with graphite pencils like traditional artists do but proceeded to use ballpoint pens. Yes, the images below were drawn using a Bic pen. According to him, he uses a ball point pen because of the steadiness of the ball point and how it gives him more control over his pieces.

oscar ukonu

If you can’t get over how detailed his drawing is, he admitted that he studies the details of a picture for days before he draws it. Sometimes he has them as a wallpaper in order to become more familiar with them.

oscar ukonu

He also uses unconventional drawing tools like eye makeup pencil. Check out his Instagram page for more drawings.

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One look at this image would make you think it’s the product of a digital camera with a monochrome filter, but actually they are pencil drawings. Kelvin Okafor a British Nigerian is the one to take the credit.

kelvin okafor drawing

Okafor has always been fascinated with art and creativity that he got a degree in Fine Arts from City and Guilds of London Art School, where he took a course in Foundation Art & Design. Kelvin has a website and Facebook page where he shares his work.

maya's interlude


oresegun olamide art

Another artist who has captured my heart and that of a million other internet users is Oresegun Olamide. I could bet a million dollars that no one thought the painting above to be anything but a digital image of a girl drenched in water.

olumide paint

Lagos-born Olamide who studied Fine Art at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos says he gets inspiration from his community. His work takes from 2 weeks to even a month depending on how complex the details are. Oresegun has over a thousand followers on Instagram where he posts his drawings.

oresegun olumide

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