Thuso Mbedu’s Relationship with Alleged Boyfriend Musa Mthombeni and Other Rumored Hookups

Thuso Mbedu is very private when it comes to her love life and as a result, there have been speculations about her relationship with Musa Mthombeni. Fans have also alluded that she was dating DJ Sbu but she denied it.

Award-winning South African actress, Thuso Mbedu’s love life has always been a subject widely discussed among her fans in South Africa and this does not come as a surprise at all, mainly because she has kept a tight lip on who the man in her life is or if she is even in a relationship at all. This has led to wild speculations about who she is involved with romantically and who she might end up marrying.

Over the years, different men have been associated with the star actress as fans and the media try to force the truth about her romantic interests out of her. One of these men is the South African media personality and actor, Musa Mthombeni.

How Thuso Mbedu And Musa Mthombeni Got South Africans Talking About The True Nature Of Their Relationship

Thuso Mbedu and Musa Mthombeni have, on several occasions, left fans wondering whether or not they are dating. For some time, Mbedu and Mthombeni got South Africans talking about them and the kind of relationship they share. This is mainly because of their incredible chemistry as friends and the way Mthombeni keeps professing love for the actress.

Musa Mthombeni, a TV presenter who is also a medical doctor has occasionally professed love for the actress on social media, especially on Twitter, but mostly in a playful manner. The way Mthombeni expresses his love for the actress has left many fans convinced that he and Thuso are an item.

Followers of both Thuso Mbedu and Musa Mthombeni, having seen how much the medical doctor was professing love for the actress, urged them to make marriage a reality for themselves. Many were so sure that the pair would make an incredibly perfect couple.

In March 2015, Mthombeni stirred more heat when he made a tweet insinuating that he wants to pay Thuso’s bride price in the form of cows. He took to his Twitter page asking Thuso for the address for the delivery of the cows. This sparked even more speculations from observers about what may be going on between the doctor and the actress.

As expected, fans of Thuso began to urge her to consider Mthombeni’s offer. At this time, the media was already rife with opinions about Thuso and Mthombeni’s relationship and social media always caught fire when they tweeted about each other.

Interestingly, Thuso has also posted a photo of herself and Mthombeni on her Instagram page where she has more than a million followers, leading fans to think they may actually be an item.

When fans saw this, many were convinced that one day, Thuso and Mthombeni would walk down the aisle as husband and wife. The more skeptical ones joked that they would have Thuso arrested if a marriage does not happen between her and Mthombeni.

Mthombeni Sent Thuso 100 Roses

In 2019, it was announced that Thuso Mbedu had clinched the lead role in the American historical fiction drama web television series The Underground Railroad. It was to be her international debut and this sparked excitement among her fans.

Of course, Musa Mthombeni was not left out of the excitement. Like everyone else, he congratulated the star actress for landing the lead role in the TV series. But then, unlike everyone else, Mthombeni went further to actually send red roses to Thuso Mbedu. As a matter of fact, he sent as many as 100 roses to the actress to congratulate her.

Thuso, after receiving the roses from Mthombeni, went on Twitter to acknowledge the sweet gesture. She told Mthombeni that 100 roses were quite a lot and then thanked him while dedicating the gift to the ladies who are crushing on him. She then ended her tweet by calling him ‘friend’.

As expected, Mthombeni’s gift of 100 roses to Thuso Mbedu caused quite some stir on social media. Some people interpreted the gesture as Mthombeni’s desire to kickstart a romantic relationship with the actress but others felt there was something going on already between the two but that they were trying to hide it.

Is Musa Mthombeni Really Thuso Mbedu’s Boyfriend?

This is one of the most asked questions about Thuso Mbedu and Musa Mthombeni. There have been lots of speculations over the years about what may be really going on between the medical doctor and the actress, especially because of the way they have been acting on social media.

However, it turns out that there is nothing romantic between the two. Both Thuso and Mthombeni have denied being in a romantic relationship, insisting that they are just friends who have known each other for some time.

In a 2018 interview, Thuso explained that she was not in a relationship with Mthombeni. She revealed that she could be the godmother of Mthombeni’s kids but other than that, there was nothing between her and the doctor. On his own part, Mthombeni had an interview with Move! magazine where he also declared that he was not dating Thuso.

Thuso Mbedu
Thuso Mbedu and Musa Mthombeni

They Have Been Friends For Over A Decade

In the Move! Magazine interview, Mthombeni revealed that he has been friends with Thuso for over a decade and that he wants things to be that way. He even declared that the status of his friendship with Thuso will never change.

Mthombeni also explained that all his profession of love for Thuso were mere jokes and that he was not looking at her with a romantic eye at all.

Musa Mthombeni’s Mother Wants Him To Love Thuso Mbedu

Musa Mthombeni may not be looking a Thuso Mbedu with a romantic eye, but his mother sure wants him to do so. In May 2018, Mthombeni revealed that his mother met with Thuso herself and asked her why she is not giving her son a chance at love.

The whole thing happened at the funeral for one of Mthombeni’s friends, Akhumzi Jezile, which was attended by Thuso, as well as Mthombeni and his mother. After the funeral, Mthombeni’s mother saw Thuso and decided to have a chat with her and that was when she asked Thuso why she was not giving her son a chance.

After revealing this development on Twitter, Thuso, who saw Mthombeni’s tweet actually replied to the tweet, saying that she loves his mother. She also joked that she didn’t expect what the older woman did.

Fans of Mthombeni and Thuso were thus given fresh reasons to ask the friends to try and give love a chance and, perhaps, even get married.

The True Situation Of Things Between Mbedu And DJ Sbu

Musa Mthombeni is not the man who has been linked romantically to Thuso Mbedu. Another man who has been reported to be in love with her is DJ Sbu, a South African musician. Rumors that the actress may be dating DJ Sbu began to spread in 2019 after both Thuso and DJ Sbu shared photos online that showed that they were in very similar locations in Los Angeles, USA.

The rumors persisted, especially because both DJ Sbu and Thuso Mbedu were seen skydiving together. Many fans speculated that the actress and the musician were a couple and the media also joined in the conjectures.

However, Thuso’s manager Vuyi Mpakanyiswa came out to debunk the news in April 2019. According to Vuyi Mpakanyiswa, Thuso was not dating DJ Sbu. He explained that the actress was in Los Angeles to work on her writing, accent training, as well as take part in an acting workshop. While there, she bumped into DJ Sbu, and as compatriots, they decided to hang out after which they went their separate ways. Thuso Mbedu and DJ Sbu are just friends who have nothing going on between them besides working in the same industry.

Is Thuso Mbedu in a Relationship Right now?

So far, Thuso Mbedu has denied being in love with the people linked to her romantically, and even though fans and the media have continuously beamed the flashlight on her love life, no details about who the man in life is are available at the moment.

It is safe to say that Thuso Mbedu, who is currently engrossed with taking part in the upcoming American historical fiction drama web television limited series Underground Railroad, is currently single. With time, we are sure we shall get to know the lucky man who manages to win her heart.

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