Insights into Tianna Gregory’s Remarkable Rise As A YouTuber And Her Love Life

Tianna Gregory is a professional YouTuber and media personality who also works as an Instagram and Snapchat model. She is one of the few internet stars to have leveraged the use of several social media platforms to create a career for themselves with the help of their fans.

Through her modeling career, Tianna has appeared in several top magazines, as well as commercials. She also models for some fashion outfits and the fact that she maintains a striking look takes credit for most of her success streaks. Additionally, her inclination to anything beauty and fashion has endeared her to numerous fans who are always agog to get the latest fashion and beauty tips from her. Looking at where she’s now, anyone who is not well informed might think it’s as a result of sheer luck. Though it’s given that there’s an element of luck to be a successful social media model (one where many ladies are working tirelessly to outdo each other, Tianna made lots of sacrifices which are all paying off now.

Tianna Gregory Ditched College For A Modelling Career

Looking at her educational history, the model is yet to reveal the details of her elementary school, as well as her high school background. Nonetheless, she attended both levels of education and even went on to college. In fact, it is on record that she left college to chase her modeling dreams. She spent two years in college before heading off to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a career in modeling and that move has paid off big time. Tianna is now a big name in the industry and even has her own website where she sells merchandise with her pictures.

Dropping out from school was the beginning of big things to come for Tianna Gregory who soon kicked started her modeling career in Los Angeles California. At the budding stage of her fashion career, she worked with photographer Van Styles and also did a few photoshoots with Ana Chein for Smokes Shop.

Counting her dedication to modeling, it was only a matter of time before she began to work with several other top modeling agencies. She is managed by Melusine Models in Claremont California. Also, she has worked with top brands like Adidas, AYC, and a lot of others.

Most importantly, Tianna leveraged on the magic on the internet to build a strong fan base, starting with uploading beautiful and racy pictures for anyone who visits her pages. She uploads titillating videos of herself on YouTube to spread her wings and these strategies are working well for her. She is also popular on Instagram where she has more than 3.9 million followers.

Additionally, the model has established herself in the fitness industry. She now has her own fitness line named NEWD which she always advertises on her social media handles.

The model has been quite progressive with her career and has amassed a reasonable amount of fortune form all her endeavors. Currently, she is said to sit on a net worth of over $1 million.

Furthermore, besides her modeling career, Tianna Gregory has made several appearances in music videos. In addition, she worked as an actress in the short film Los Angeles.

Social Media And Perfect Body Stats Helped Her Rise To Stardom

Tianna’s social media pages have been one of the sources she used to publicize herself. Her sexy picture uploads have drawn huge attention to her and she used this at the initial stage of her online venture to gain popularity. She now enjoys the attention of millions of followers across several platforms, which have ultimately gotten her ahead of her contemporaries.

Being a model, Tianna Gregory often times works on her weight and physique, a lifestyle that has paid off big time as seen in her pictures. She does post pictures of some of her workout sessions on social media which often attracts praise and admiration from her followers.

Visibly, her body measurements are picture-perfect. For her height, she stands at 5 feet 3 inches with a bodyweight of 56kg. For her other body stats, it is believed that Tianna measures 34-24-34 inches for her hips, waist, and bust respectively. She is blonde with a beautiful set of brown eyes.

A Look At Her Family Life – Who Is Tianna Gregory Dating Or Married To?

Currently, Tianna Gregory is not married but she is said to be romantically involved with a man named Noah James; a pop singer who is popular for the song High Off You. Though there are no particular details revealing how the two met, the lovebirds often can’t take their hands off each other. More so, sources have revealed that the two have been dating for a very long time and have been best friends for ages. For now, Tianna and Noah enjoy a blossoming relationship without any controversy or troubles within, but it is not clear if they are still an item.

Tianna Gregory
Tianna Gregory and Noah James

Apart from her relationship with the pop singer, Tianna Gregory also had other relationships. She once dated photographer Van Styles while working with him. No one knew how long their relationship lasted but when it was called off, the media was not kept in the dark. Interestingly, their failed relationship has never come in between their work relationship.

Her Other Family She Prefers To Keep As Mystery

Though she is popularly known as Tianne Gregory, she was born as Tianna Dayne on the 14th of March, 1990. From a mixed ethnicity, Tianna’s heritage can be traced to be all of Italian, German, Russian and Hispanic descent.

Regarding the details of her family history, the model is yet to reveal the identities of her parents or what they do for a living. However, it is common knowledge that she has a brother who she often talks about on her social media handles but she has also not disclosed details of his identity. She apparently wants the spotlight to focus on her brand and not her family.

One thing is clear though, she seems to be close to her grandfather whose birthday is tattooed on her body. The date is engraved on her shoulder in Roman numerals. Asides proving she loves arts and tattoos, the gesture also shows she loves her family.

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