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There are several ways to gain popularity, even ones that may not have crossed anybody’s mind. Although Tiffany Rivers like several other women, came to public notice for being the wife of a world-famous footballer, she later gained much more media prominence alongside her husband for her family size. Nine kids for a below-forty couple is not at all too small a feat to make headlines. Phillip Rivers and his wife Tiffany have shunned the prevailing birth control lifestyle to grab the biblical “your children shall surround your table” blessing. And in their own case, it must be a really big table!

Meanwhile, Phillip Rivers is a legendary NFL quarterback, presently playing for the San Diego Chargers. On November 4, 2018, he hit his 200th match milestone.

Tiffany Rivers Bio, Age

Tiffany Rivers was born in Decatur, Alabama, the U.S.A. in 1982. Some sources, however, hold that she is originally from Alaska. Being a private kind of personality, her exact birth date and other background details are not available on the media.

Tiffany grew up in her birthplace, the same town her husband was raised. She met and started dating Phillip Rivers way back in junior high, precisely in 1994 when they were both in their seventh grade. Although Phillip’s family later left Decatur for Athens in Georgia, their relationship continued.

After five long years of dating, Phillip finally popped the big question. By then, he had just completed his freshman year at the North Carolina State University where he played in the college team. The lovebirds later married on the 19th day of May 2001.

At the moment, Tiffany and Phillip have nine children – seven girls and two boys. Isn’t that phenomenal? The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Halle on 6th July 2002. Another daughter, Caroline followed in 2005. The third child and daughter, Grace arrived a year later. Then in 2008, they had their first son and fourth child, Gunner.

In 2010, the fourth daughter and fifth child arrived. The second son and sixth child, Peter soon followed the next year, 2011. Rebecca, the sixth daughter, and seventh child arrived two years later – 2013. Clare followed in 2015. Then baby number nine and seventh daughter, Anna hit the world on 27th March 2019.

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Having married and become a mother at a very young age, Tiffany has apparently not gotten the opportunity to pursue a career. She is primarily focusing on her wifely and motherly responsibilities in their family home in San Diego, California.

Facts About Philip Rivers Wife

1. She is a year younger than Phillip

While Phillip Rivers was born in 1981, Tiffany was born in 1982. At the time of their wedding, they were 19 and 18 respectively.

2. Tiffany became a Catholic a day before her wedding

Unlike Phillip who was born and raised a Catholic, Tiffany accepted the faith on the eve of their wedding. The couple has since been committed to the religion, raising their kids in the faith and never missing masses. Phillip himself has even made it a mandatory routine to receive the Holy Communion before any of his matches.

3. Co-founder of Rivers of Hope

In 2010, Tiffany and Phillip founded Rivers of Hope, a charity organisation which focuses on finding permanent homes for orphans aged 12 and above. They also provide financial assistance to other charities that support kids adoption. The couple, however, shut the foundation down in 2013 after deciding to take a “behind-the-scenes approach” to helping kids.

4. Recently Launched Hermosa Swimwear

On the 1st of March, 2019, Tiffany Rivers launched Hermosa, a brand of stylish but conservative swimwear in collaboration with her long-time girlfriend Marisa De Lecce. In a world where showing off all the skin in the name of swimwear prevails, Tiff and her friend Mimi discovered the need to provide the market with swimming costumes that show less skin. The brand name, “Hermosa” means beautiful in Spanish.

5. She Married Phillip when he had nothing

At the time Tiffany married Phillips, the latter had nothing – no dime to his name. In fact, it was Phillip’s mother who told Tiffany that her son would marry her after Phillip had earlier shown her to his mom.

6. Her Family is everything to her husband – It’s Phillip Rivers No. 1

Despite being a sought-after footballer, Phillip Rivers would have none of anything that will come at the expense of his family. Notwithstanding his burning passion for football, his family remains his top priority.

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Phillip was present at the birth of all his children except one. And all the kids confirm that he ever wants to be with them whenever he is not in the pitch. As for Tiffany, her husband is the most selfless person she’s ever known! While Tiff greatly adores her hubby, Phil himself believes he would never have been able to get where he is today without his wife!

7. And Finally… Why the Nine Kids?

Wondering why nine kids from an 18-year-old marriage? Here’s the answer: Tiff and Phil are devoted Catholics, and based on their Catholic faith, they say no to contraceptives. Moreover, their early marriage was also inspired by their faith as they had to maintain their chastity until they became husband and wife.

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