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If you have ever watched clips of the popular 70s show, The Carol Burnett Show, then you will most definitely know the duo of Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Both men were renowned comedic actors who first rose to fame as a result of their hilarious sketches on the aforementioned show. The pair continued their award-winning collaborative efforts long after the show ended, and in 2002, they were jointly inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

Conway and Korman may have now passed away but their rib-cracking legacies live on. Read on to find out all there is to know about the illustrious duo.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman Bio

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman did not only share a similar professional career but also similar humble beginnings as they both spent some time in the U.S armed forces.

Korman was born Harvey Herschel Korman on the 15th of February 1927 in Chicago, Illinois. His father’s name was Cyril Raymond while his mom’s name was Ellen. The young boy grew up in Illinois and joined the U.S. Navy after high school. He served in World War II and was honorably discharged thereafter. Following his time in the armed forces, Korman decided to explore his artistic talents and studied at the Goodman School of Drama. He thereafter commenced his career on TV, appearing in shows such as Route 66, Perry Mason and The Donna Reed Show and the Danny Kaye Show.

Tim Conway, on the other hand, was born on the 15th of December 1933 in Willoughby, Ohio. He completed his high school and college education in his home state before joining the US Army in 1956. Conway left the army after two years and found work as a sketch writer on various TV stations. He subsequently landed his breakthrough roles on McHale’s Navy and The Steve Allen Show in the early 60s.

The Carol Burnett Show

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman both rose to fame thanks to their work on The Carol Burnett Show. The duo regularly appeared together in several sketches on the show and the former often cracked up the latter with his improvised ad-libs. One of the duo’s most enduring sketches was that of the dentist.

In the dentist, Korman plays the role of a toothache patient who goes to the newly-qualified dentist, Conway, to have his tooth removed. Conway comically bumbles his way through the entire procedure and ends up injecting himself with the anesthetic meant for the suffering patient.

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Tim Conway and Harvey Korman received several awards for their work on The Carol Burnett Show. Conway received the 1973 and 1977 Emmy award for outstanding performance in a variety or music program, the 1977 Emmy award for outstanding writing for a variety series as well as the 1976 Golden Globe award for best-supporting actor in a series or TV film.

Korman, on the other hand, won awards such as the 1975 Golden Globe award for best supporting actor – TV, the 1974 Emmy award for best supporting actor in a comedy variety, the 1972 Emmy award for outstanding achievement by a performer in a music or variety, the 1971 and 1969 Emmy award for special classification achievement.

Tim Conway and Harvey Korman
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Collaboration in Later Years

After the successful completion of The Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman commenced a fruitful partnership which lasted until the 2000s. The two men featured in several movies such as Tim and Harvey in the Great Outdoors, Together Again with Tim and Harvey, and Longshot.

The Longshot is a 1986 comedy film about four losers who borrow money from mobsters in order to bet on a horse. The horse ends up losing and the gangsters come after the quartet. The Longshot was written by Conway and featured both him and Korman.

Conway and Korman also appeared in several short-lived sketch comedy shows and also toured nationally. Their touring partnership lasted for over 10 years and their achievements later fetched them a joint induction into the Television Hall of Fame in 2002.


Harvey Korman was the first of the duo to pass away. The Chicago native died on the 29th of May 2008 as a result of complications from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. He was aged 81 and was laid to rest at Santa Monica Cemetery.

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Conway, on the other hand, died on the 14th of May 2019. He was aged 85, and his death was as a result of water in his brain. Following Conway’s demise, one of the stars of the Carol Burnette Show, Vicki Lawrence, quipped that “Harvey and Tim are together again and the angels are laughing tonight’’.

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Personal Life

Conway and Korman were both married twice in their lifetime. Korman first got married to a lady named Donna in 1960. The union lasted up until 1977 and produced two kids; Christopher and Maria. Korman then got married for a second time to a lady named Deborah in 1982. They had two daughters; Kate and Laura and remained together until his death in 2008.

Conway, on his own part, first got married to Mary Anne Dalton in 1961. The union lasted up until 1978 and produced six children; Kelly, Jaime, Corey, Jackie, Tim Jr., and Patrick. Conway’s second marriage was to Charlene Fusco, in May 1984. The couple remained together until death separated them in 2019.

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