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The world of Mixed Martial Arts has witnessed great feats from people around the world, some sho made it their sole career run and others who just have a love for it despite their chosen career paths. This is the case of military ma Tim Kennedy who became known for his feats as a mixed martial artist despite the fact that his chosen career path was in the military where he has equally been very well-acknowledged.

Here is a complete timeline of Tim Kennedy’s life and the choices that made him one of the recognized names in the world of MMA and UFC as well as the many interesting awards, championships, and honors he has bagged in the process.

Who is Tim Kennedy?

Tim Kennedy born as ‘Timothy Fred Kennedy’ on the 1st of September 1979 in Luis Obispo, California, United States into the Christian family of Mike Kennedy. He attended Eagle Academy High school and graduated in the year 1998. From his younger years, Tim’s mother had enrolled him for piano lessons and much later in his teenage years, his father enrolled him and his brother for boxing lessons, shooting school, wrestling squad and Japanese jujitsu classes.

For college, Tim made a move to Columbia College of Missouri and graduated in 2002 with a degree in Criminal Justice. While in college, he competed in sanctioned mixed martial arts fighting where he thrived having had prior training in his younger years. After school in 2204, he made his next major move and joined the US Army where he was enlisted in the elite Special Forces. While serving as a Green Beret, he maximized the opportunity to compete in the MMA where he won the tournament in the heavyweight division when the Army instituted a hand to hand fighting. After this first win, he kept the pace by competing in similar contests and was able to achieve the goal consecutively in three years.

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Some of the training he attended when he enlisted in the US Army include Basic Combat Training, Basic Airborne Course, Advanced Individual Training and the Special Forces Qualification Courses. He completed the Ranger School in 2007 and served on Operational Detachment Alphas when he was assigned to the 7th Special Forces Group. Because of his excellent combat skills, Tim Kennedy was among those who were often deployed on rescue support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. For his years of service and the excellent work he did while at it, Tim received an award for valor under fire with the Army’s Bronze Star Medal with V device.

Net Worth of the Mixed Martial Artist

Tim’s professional Fighting career kicked off from way back in 1996 when he joined the ‘Strike Force and Ultimate Fighting Championship’ where he displayed his superb skills and won several matches he fought with a number of titles. He made his first appearance in 2009 at ‘Strikeforce’ and scored a win over won Nick Thompson among several other fighters. Years later in 2013, he signed with UFC promotions and won via a unanimous decision in the fight against Roger Gracie. He also fought with Michael Bisping, won via unanimous decision, but he lost another fight against Kelvin Gastelum.

Out of 24 games in the MMA, Tim Kennedy maintained 18 wins with an impeccable record of 30 wins out of 31 games in the Amateur games. He bagged for himself several awards which Include ‘Extreme Challenge Winner’ in the Extreme Challenge Middleweight Tournament, Fight of the Night and Knockout of the Night in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He kept up the good form until the 17th day of January 2017, when Tim announced his retirement.

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As a retired American mixed martial artist, a full-time military man and a co-owner of the military-based clothing company Ranger Up, Tim Kennedy has not revealed his net worth, but it is certain that his earnings are not less than $1million.

Who is Tim Kennedy’s Wife?

Tim Kennedy is a married man and his wife’s name is Ginger Kennedy. As the story goes, at the time of their meeting, Ginger who was working for a defense contractor at Fort Bragg in North Carolina showed no interest in him and did not reciprocate the approaches made by Tim. Not being one to give up easily, her disinterest only made him eager to know more about her, so Tim asked Ginger’s friend to arrange a dinner for them. His plans worked because once she got to know him, she fell in love with him and they kicked off a relationship which eventually saw them married.

Despite the rigors of his career and job as a military man, Tim Kennedy is absolutely devoted to family. The couple has children; two daughters and a son.

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Tim Kennedy’s physique is no doubt the type every man would want to have. This is a direct result of his many hardworking years a mixed martial artist. He is 5 feet 11 inches (180.3cm) tall and has a body weight of about 84kg. He maintains his body fitness with continuous exercise which his job calls for.

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