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Thanks to the internet, many people whose talents would have ordinarily gone unnoticed have become famous. A very good example of this modern day internet celebrity is Timmy Thick, an American social media star. He became popular on Instagram due to his penchant for posting raunchy pictures of himself. He also posts videos of himself twerking.

His posts went viral with many speculations as to his gender and sexual orientation. Other internet celebrities also posted videos trying to decipher the philosophy behind his posts. All these combined to propel Timmy Thick to the limelight. Find out more about him here including his age, height and other facts about him.

Age – Who is Timmy Thick?

Not much information exists about the internet star’s biography. What we do know is that he was born on the 21st of August 1999 in New York. Some sources claim that his real name is Jason Thick but this is unconfirmed. Details about his educational background, childhood and family are not available at this time. Thick’s gender, age and sexual orientation have been the subject of much online speculation. However, it appears that he is a young man in his teens, who is blessed with an androgynous face and feminine curves. It is believed that he must have suffered some bullying while growing up because of his physical appearance. Timmy Thick joined Instagram in 2016 and the next year, 2017, he joined Twitter. On Instagram, he goes by the handle name TimmyTheBarbie.

What Is He Known For?

Thick usually dresses up as a female before proceeding to take sexy selfies of himself. He subsequently posts these pictures online. He quickly amassed a huge following online, thanks to his controversial content. It is important to note that his controversial content, as well as his explicit jokes, have mostly landed him in hot water. His Instagram account has been suspended several times. This does not seem to deter him as he quickly opens another one. Thick’s posts have sharply divided the online community. It is either you love him or you hate him; there seems to be no middle ground. While some hail him for promoting body image positivity, others dismiss him as a sham.

The whole Thick saga took an unexpected twist on the 17th of March 2018. On that fateful day, a tweet from his official account read that Timmy Thick was a 24-month sociology study conducted by Harvard University. The tweet further stated that the experiment had come to an end and thanked all those who participated. A popular American online comedian, Brandon Wardell, also came out to say that Thick was an experiment and that Timmy Thick is the name of one of the writers of Harvard’s satirical magazine, The Harvard Lampoon. The tweet caused an upheaval on the internet. Many felt duped and argued that they had wasted two years following Thick. Others were less scathing and felt that Thick had been pulled because he did not get the appreciation he deserved. It must be pointed out that a professor of Sociology at Harvard, Jason Beckfield, has stated that there was no such experiment.

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Timmy Thick is 5 feet tall (1.52m) and weighs 45kg or 99lbs. Additionally, he has brown eyes and blond hair. The internet personality boasts of luscious curves which, probably what informed his internet moniker. One of his trademark features is his full lips which many say is good enough for lipstick modelling.

Other Facts about Timmy Thick

1. He has an outrageous sense of humour but is sometimes criticized for his bawdy jokes.

2.  He is said to be friends with other internet celebs such as Danielle Bregoli and Ugly God.

3. The New York native is big on dogs as he is a self-professed dog lover.

4. He has used his account to give his ‘two cents’ on celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner. He described Minaj as the best female rapper. He also supported Jenner’s decision to hide her pregnancy from the public.

5. As of March 2018, his Instagram and Twitter accounts have several thousands of followers combined.

6. He reportedly has a net worth of $30,000 and earns about $15,000 annually.

7. Thick is said to have been a Harvard social experiment but this has not been confirmed by the prestigious university.

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