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The name Tina Ball is often tagged with the name LaVar Ball – the American business guru who is also reputable as a media personality. Tina is quite a familiar face as she is ever present in most basketball games owing to the fact that all her sons – Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LeMelo – are active players in the NBA.

Recently, Tina was missing in action for one particular and everyone noticed. It caused an uproar on the internet with many wanting to know what exactly happened to her. what makes her so thick that she could not miss a game without the world of basketball talking note? Read all you need to know about the one of basketball’s super mom. This article contains the details of her biography, career, body measurements and what exactly happened to her.

Tina Ball’s Biography (Age) 

At birth, she was named as Tina Catherine Slatinsky and was born on the 11th day of December 1967 in Miami, Florida to Robert and Catherine Slatinsky. Tina Ball is quite a very private person and has concealed most of the details regarding her childhood days.

For her education, she was a student at Alta Loma High School, California. She subsequently furthered her college education at California State University, Los Angeles. There, the lady was very active in the game of basketball. More so, records have it that she was one of the proficient players in the game, averaging 15.8 points, and 18.2 rebounds during her days in high school. Tina Ball subsequently joined the Cal State Los Angeles Golden Eagles Women’s basketball team.


By the end of her college days, Tina Ball had amassed 935 collegiate career points, 1165 goal attempts, 541 fields goals, 627 rebounds, 120 free throws in addition to 208 attempted throws. It was while she was playing at one of her games that she first caught the attention of LaVar Ball, who eventually became her husband. As the story goes, the duo dated for a while before tying the knot. Together, the couple has three sons; Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LeMelo.

Despite the fact that the family way had kept Tina Ball from pursuing her sports career professionally, her sons have built a career out of basketball. She has been her sons backbone and has supported their dreams from the very first moment they kicked off their career. Tina currently renders her services as an athletic director for Vernon Middle School in Montclair, California.

Sometime in the month of August 2017, the Ball family was further pulled to fame after they appeared on the Facebook Show, Ball In The Family. The show was viewed by over 26 million people around the globe and was centered basically on every detail there is to know about the family. The Balls’ also run a shoe and clothing line.

Husband – LaVar Ball

Tina Ball
Tina Ball and her husband, LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball is succeeding as a businessman and media personality. He is the CEO of the sports clothing company, Big Baller Brand and founder of the Junior Basketball Association (JBA). Meanwhile, the businessman played basketball and American football as a student – before developing his business life. He subsequently played professional football as a tight end for London Monarchs and was on the practice squad for New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, however, he never played any regular season.


Tina Ball, who is past her jubilee age doesn’t just look it. She has maintained her athletic build and is still very much a pretty woman. She stands at 6 feet 1 inch and carries and unrevealed balanced weight. Also, the other details of her body measurements are readily not available.

What Happened To Tina Ball?

Tina Ball who was often present at most of her sons’ games all of a sudden went missing in one of their games. Her absence caused a lot of uproar with many wanting to know what exactly went wrong. While the reasons behind her absence were still unsolved, there were speculations that the former basketball player was suffering from a health challenge. As the speculations went, it was later discovered that sometime in February 2017, Tina Ball was said to have suffered from a major stroke. It was quite drastic as she was partially paralyzed on her left side, thus, unable to talk and do a lot of things properly.

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Fortunately, after so many medications and therapies, the former athlete got back on her feet and was able to use the left part of her body partially. We trust in the nearest future she would have gained much more balance healthwise.

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