Where Is Tina Caspary Since Her Disappearance From The Big Screen and Who Are Her Family Members?

Tina Caspary has been dancing for more years than she has acted and has successfully built a successful dance brand, Ktrna. Notwithstanding, her disappearance from the big screen was one we couldn’t keep mute on, even though it has been over two decades since she left. The versatile American entertainer is a professional dancer, actress, dance instructor, choreographer, and entrepreneur.

She may not be a household name, but she has been making waves in the entertainment industry since the 1980s. She got considerable fame after she hit the big screen in 1987 as a supporting actress, Barbara in the movie, Can’t Buy Me Love. For one who is not in the habit of keeping in touch with any of her co-stars from her film and TV appearances, it is not known why she left in the first place.

Nevertheless, she has made such a great career for herself as a dancer, one that has almost eclipsed her years as an actress. Only a reunion of a movie or another might be enough to get her on the big screen at some point, but as far as acting is concerned, it does feel as though she’d rather stay away, and do her own thing.

Tina Caspary Had a Short-lived But Prolific Acting Career

Caspary showed a vivid interest in dancing at an early age, little wonder her mother, Brenda, was also a good dancer herself. Simply put, she hails from a family of great dancers; her mother and siblings, including choreographer/dancer Dee Caspary, all have got great moves on the dance floor. She joined the entertainment industry as a teen actor but has worked in all facets of the industry.

Her first big-screen appearance was in Annie, a 1982 comedy-drama. She was cast as her original self, doing what she loves to do, dancing, and her career took flight thence. Tina Caspary appeared in an episode of the TV series Silver Spoons in 1985. Young and very talented, Caspary came so close to being a teen idol as anyone could be, but it passed her way in a rather sad way.

She starred in shows such as My Mom’s a Werewolf and Teen Witch and was originally cast as Kelly Bundy on Married… with Children in December 1986, but she was cut and replaced with Christina Applegate. The unaired pilot was the only evidence that she ever was considered for the show. Thankfully though, that wasn’t the end of her career as she had more interesting years on the screen to deliver impressive performances before her unceremonious exit.

Patrick Dempsey and Tina Caspary in Can’t Buy Me Love

Her other notable screen credits include News at Eleven (1986), Can’t Buy Me Love (1987), and Mac and Me (1988), a family adventure film, where she took on the role of Courtney/Katrina Caspary. Caspary’s last moment in the acting industry came in 1994, after which she took a break from the screen to do her own thing. She re-focused her energy on her dancing career instead.

Her career in the movie industry was, however, not in vain as her acting skills endeared her to many, as well as earned her award nominations. She received three Young Artists Awards in 1986 for her role in the TV series, News at Eleven, Can’t Buy Me Love in 1987 for Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture – Comedy, and then in 1988, for Mac and Me. Nevertheless, when the time came for her to call it quits on acting, there was no looking back.

Caspary Is Now Doing What She Has Always Loved

Whether Caspary turned away from the spotlight or the spotlight turned away from her, the SoCal native found a way to create a career for herself outside the screen, doing what she loves. Her life has become primarily about dancing since then. She has done a bit of choreography for interested parties, including the legendary Hall of Famer, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ music videos on numerous occasions, as well as in the music videos of the iconic Reba McEntire.

She was also the was the lead dancer on the Academy Awards for 5 years, under the tutelage of Debbie Allen. Tina Caspary has also shown that she is not just an avid dancer, but also an industrious one. She is the owner of a dance studio in California, Studio C, which has trained and produced many great dancers and choreographers. Together with her husband, she is on the faculty of SHOCK the Intensive. The company provides intense one-day dance training programs and incentive filmography across the United States.

She Has Also Found Success As A Designer

Caspary has designed her activewear as well. She launched her dancewear brand known as Katrina Activewear in 1996, most of which were designed by her. Thus, this talented woman has distinguished herself as a designer. Since her exit from the screen, Tina Caspary has taken on a new look and has grown into a confident and strong woman, a far cry from that innocent teen star we know.

Moreover, she has done quite well for herself in a very impressive way. Her net worth of $1 million is proof of just how far she has come. At it is now, it doesn’t appear that Tina would ever consider coming back to the screen for much of anything. After all, she has a career she loves so much, her family, and a life that she can proudly call her own. What more could one ask for?

Tina Caspary Has All the Support From Her Family

It’s been over two decades since Tina Caspary left the screen, and since the world turns, so many others have come on board, making it difficult to even remember she was once a player in the acting industry. Of course, it is easy to move on from one actor to the next since there are easily so many out there. However, for Caspary, whether she is acting or dancing or designing, her family will always be her greatest fans.

She was born to DeWitt Caspary III and Brenda Caspary on December 28, 1970, in Downey, California, the USA, and was named Tina Maria Caspary. She grew up in Southern California with her siblings. As earlier stated, her mother was a famed dancer with great skills during her youthful years. Her younger brother, Dewitt “Dee” Caspary, is also a famed choreographer, dancer, and actor.

When it comes to her personal affair, Tina Caspary is known for being discreet. No wonder there is no documented dating history of the choreographer. It is, however, known that she shares a beautiful family with her husband, Ryan Cyphert, and is the mother of their twins, Phoenix Cyphert and Payson Cyphert.

You can connect with the lovely mother of two via her social media accounts on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. She has thousands of dedicated dance fans following her page and enjoying her dancing tours that are usually packed with both young and old aspiring dancers.


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