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Tina Caspary is a versatile American entertainer who is a film star, choreographer, professional dancer, and dance instructor. This avid performer may not be a household name, but she has, as a matter of fact, been making waves in the entertainment industry since the 1980s.

She got considerable fame after she hit the big screen in 1987 as a supporting actress in the movie, Can’t Buy Me Love, where she portrayed the character, Barbara. Prior to that, the Downey native had featured as a dancer in the family comic drama titled Annie (1982). Read on to find out more about her personal details and lesser-known facts here.

Tina Caspary’s Bio

Tina Maria Caspary was born on the 28th day of December 1970 in Downey, California, USA. The Caucasian American hails from a family of talented dancers as mother and siblings all have got great moves on the dance floor.

Her educational background has remained vague as almost nothing is known about the dancer’s history in high school or college. Meanwhile, what we do know is that she grew up in Southern California.

Tina Caspary entered the entertainment industry as a teen actor. Her first big screen appearance was in Annie, a comedy-drama that was released in 1982. In the movie, she was cast as her original self, doing what she loves to do, which is dancing. From thereon, she has appeared in quite a number of movies, some of her notable ones are News at Eleven (1986), Can’t Buy Me Love (1987), and Mac and Me (1988), a family adventure movie, where she assumed Courtney/Katrina Caspary among others.

In 1989, after performing two teen roles in the movies, My Mum’s a Werewolf, and Teen Witch, Tina Caspary took a break from acting, focusing her energy on her dancing career. Thereafter, the actress went on to launch her dancewear outfit and line in 1996 which is known as Katrina Activewear. Most of the dancewear kits were designed by her. Thus, this talented woman distinguished herself as a designer.

Tina Caspary’s labour in the movie industry has not been in vain as her acting skills has endeared her to many, thereby getting her award nominations, especially for the prestigious Young Artists Award in 1986 for her performance in the TV series, News at Eleven and in 1987 for the movie, Can’t Buy Me Love. Again, in 1988, her role in Mac and Me scored her the third award nomination.

As an avid dancer, she has made appearances in the legendary and Hall of Famer, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ dance videos on numerous occasions, as well as the music videos of the iconic Reba McEntire. More so, she was the lead dancer on the Academy Awards for five years, under the tutelage of Debbie Allen.

The industrious and outgoing woman owns a dance studio she founded – located in California and is known as Studio C. For over a decade now, this studio tutored many great dancers and choreographers we see today in the entertainment industry.

What Is Tina Caspary’s Net Worth?

Tina Caspary has been a lead dancer in the Academy Awards Show, no wonder she has been able to rake in a net worth estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million, as revealed by some sources. She accrued this fortune from her acting, dancing career, as well as her clothing line Katrina Activewear and dance studio.

Personal Details – Family, Husband

Tina Maria Caspary was born to father DeWitt Caspary III and mother Brenda Caspary. Her mother was a famed dancer with great skills during her youthful years. Therefore, it is not surprising she loves dancing and is good at it. She has an elder sister Dee Caspary who equally works as a dancer and choreographer while her younger brother Dennis s not left out as he has toed the same career path as his sisters, he is an actor and a choreographer.

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Tina Caspary
Tina Caspary with her husband Ryan and their twins – image source

Tina Caspary is known for being discreet when it concerns her personal and family affairs, no wonder there is no documented dating history of the choreographer. She wedded Ryan Cyphert and their union is blessed with two children, a boy and a girl who are interestingly twins.

Ryan Cyphert and Tina Caspary, jointly work with SHOCK Intensive; a firm that provides its clients with one-day intensive dance training programs and incentive filmography within America.

Social Media Presence

The lovely mother of two has accounts on SnapChats, Instagram and Facebook. She has thousands of dedicated dance fans following her page and enjoying her dancing tours that are usually packed with both young and old aspiring dancers.

Her Height

The wonderful technical dance trainer has a slender build and she stands at a height of 7 inches taller than 5 ft (1.70m). Tina Caspary has tattoos inscribed on her shoulder down to the wrist which she readily flaunts to all who care to watch.

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