Tinglan Hong Biography and Personal Details – 5 Facts You Need To Know

Restaurant waitress Tinglan Hong caught the attention of the media when it came to light that she was in a relationship with famous movie star, Hugh Grant. Their love came under fire and faced a lot of criticisms, but while it lasted, the two stayed deaf to all the negativities the world had to throw at them. At the peak of it all, they had two adorable kids even though the circumstances behind the birth of their second child left a lot of tongues wagging. Find out all there is to know about the lady and how she was able to weather the storm and live her life just the way she wanted.

Tinglan Hong’s Biography and Personal Details 

Born sometime in 1979, Tinglang Hong spent her formative years in Lishui, Zhejiang, China. She is a Chinese lady whose mother made ends meet as a local businesswoman while her father lived as a sole business owner.

Though the details of Tinglan Hong’s educational days are nowhere near the records, reports have it that she was quite heady as a high school student. She was oftentimes not a law-abiding student as she was quite inquisitive and is always trying out new things. Tinglan Hong, subsequently, schooled at the University of Surrey, Uk where she acquired a degree in hotel and management.

5 Facts You Need To Know about Tinglan Hong


Tinglan Hong, in 2003, relocated to the United Kingdom in order to find greener pastures. Upon arrival, she landed a job as a receptionist for a Chinese restaurant. However, many have claimed that the lady had also lived her life as an actress, even though her filmography hasn’t been all detailed out.

Love Life

While she was a student at the University of Surrey, Tinglan Hong found love with Columbian soccer player, Adolfo Mosquera. The two spent a few years together before eventually calling it quits. There are no precise details of how long they were together or what resulted in the fall of their relationship.

Next, Tinglan Hong found love with Hugh Grant. The two were first seen together sharing a kiss in front of a restaurant in London and were subsequently seen together in lovey-dovey positions in several different locations. Despite all the PDAs shown by these two, they never regaled to the media with the details of their relationship. It wasn’t until a few years down the lane, that it was revealed that they officially started dating sometime in 2010.

Hugh and Hong’s love was envied while they were an item because despite the huge age difference between them, it looked like they understood each other perfectly. At the time, Hong on her part was quite aware that Hugh was tagged as one of the celebrity playboys of Hollywood. Regardless, she didn’t give a hoot and still went ahead with the relationship until it came to an end just as many had expected.

Tinglan Hong’s Children 

While their love lasted, Hugh Grant and Tanglan Hong had two children, howbeit, the circumstances behind the coming of their second child caused a huge buzz with the media. As the story goes, the former couple welcomed their first child, Tabitha Xaioxi Grant on the 26th day in the month of September 2011. After the birth of their first child, the famous actor tried everything within his capacity to keep both Hong and the child away from the media for reasons best known to him. Exactly a year after, the lovebirds separated.

They made a comeback a year later, but things were never the same. Because at that time, Grant was already hitched to the Swedish television producer, Anna Eberstein, yet it didn’t stop him from having an affair with his ex Hong.

Both Hugh and Hong successfully kept their affair private for a while but got exposed after the latter got pregnant. Meanwhile, in the same period, Anna Eberstein was also expecting her first child  with the actor. Anna had her baby in September 2012, and Hong had baby Felix Chang three months later in December 2012.

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Net Worth

Of a truth, Tinglan Hong’s kind of job wasn’t one that really paid off but her ex-husband, Hugh Grant contributed immensely to the rise of her financial worth. Prior to the birth of her first child, he purchased a home worth over a million euros for her. Also, she has a fleet of luxury cars all purchased by Hugh.

Body Measurements

Tinglan has a thick body build. She has managed to maintain her curvy physique despite being a mother of two. She has black long hair and of course, her Chinese looks are not hidden. Unfortunately, there are no other available details regarding her body measurements.
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