A first impression does still matter a lot. Despite widespread encouragements not to judge a book by its cover, the number of people making an income designing book covers are proof enough that the opposite (judging a book by it’s cover) is still a very human and natural thing to do. So you want to make a good first impression, how do you put your best foot forward when meeting a potential boss, client, friend or just anybody really?

We’ll drop a few generic tips here, generic because it’s really impossible to pinpoint what a person may actually be looking for at any point, but the tips we share below are in a category that could be considered as the basics, as time goes on, you can probably add a few more that likewise worked for you. Here are the five tips we’ll willingly part with today;

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  • Remember the person’s name: One helpful thing to think about in the case of first impression’s is; “If you don’t like it, someone else probably won’t appreciate it either”. No one likes to believe that they’re forgettable, so forgetting their name in the middle of conversation is not a particularly good way to leave a lasting impression. So when they introduce themselves, pay close attention, repeat the name back to them if it will help your memory and if you do actually forget, ask them honestly early enough.
  • Dress-up: Dress in accordance with the occasion, don’t stick out like a sore thumb, be neat, season appropriate, look your age and smell really good
  • Act confident: You may be understandably nervous but employ any means you know is able to get you to calm down; count to ten before speaking, count your words or even imagine your best friend beside you making everything easier, just whatever it takes, project an aura of calm and confidence.
  • Share a winning smile and several compliments: A winning smile is warm and confident, it is not afraid to show out at any appropriate instant. Practice in front of a mirror if you are unconvinced that you have one and pepper your first impression meet with relevant compliments, that means, don’t compliment them about their hair if they are bald!
  • Look for common ground and be interesting: Find common ground, interests or causes that you share with the person; it could be anything from football to hairstyles, stay on it for as long as possible then engage yourself in the process of learning more about them, that’s the simple way to be interesting; SHOW INTEREST!

It should be obvious to you by now that every moment that you live in each day is a preparation for a good first impression and you can either develop or eliminate characters that will help you in that moment, so if you have not already been working actively on your character, do start now and acquire the materials to effect a life changing first impression.

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