Tips To Get Your Kids To Love Drinking Water

We have all the evidence to support the fact that soda and juices are not the healthiest choices for our bodies. Despite this glaring evidence, a lot of us find it increasingly difficult to leave the habitual taking of these drinks behind, starting early with teaching your child to drink and enjoy drinking water could save them from the same fate.

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As well as the consequences in later life, water is crucial to a child’s health. It is vital for hydration, regulation of body temperature and helps to prevent constipation or urinary tract infections. It also adds no calories to the diet unlike soda that is chuck full of empty calories. So how to get your child so used to water early on, that they unconsciously prefer drinking it to other less-healthful choices? We hope these help;

Become A Water Role Model: We all know that a child often copies character that they see. So try to drink water more when you are around your child. Make delightful exclamations that show that you are enjoying it and even point to other colorful characters (maybe in their favorite cartoons) who are enjoying a drink of water.


Buy Fun, Colorful Cups: Cups with princesses or for boys, favorite action figures will give them a little excitement when they want to drink, they add an allure to the activity for them. There could also be all kinds of straws attached to the cup that makes the drink exciting.

Limit The Presence Of Alternative Options: Don’t have a cupboard, freezer or corner of the house just filled up with soda or juice packs. It will make it easier to give in to demands for these alternatives. If you have really only got water or milk in the house, you leave both them and yourself with no actual choice.

Turn Water Drinking Into A Competition: Challenge your child to drink certain amounts of water. Here the fun cups will help, if for instance you have a batman cup, you can ask your son to drink the water until it’s level with batman’s shoes or something like that. Children like games, you have your own funny cup ready to do it with them and they want to beat you to it.


Enforce A Rule Of Finishing Water At Meal Times: Put it to them that they must finish the glass of water that they are having with any particular meal and again make sure you are doing so too.

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