Tisha Taylor – Bio, Age, Life And Death Of Charlie Murphy’s Ex-Wife

Tisha Taylor Murphy is the late wife of Charles Quinton Murphy. Charlie Murphy, as he’s popularly known, was a famous American comedian, scriptwriter, and actor. Apparently, it wasn’t just the death of Charlie that rattled the Murphy family, and it wasn’t just him that they lost to cancer. Tisha died of cervical cancer in 2009, while her husband Charlie, died of cancer of the blood, otherwise known as leukemia in 2017.

Before his death, Charlie was a celebrated comedian. He looked a lot like his younger brother, the famous African-American comedian, and actor, Eddie Murphy. Charlie Murphy, who was 57 years old as at the time of his death in 2017, was best known for his stand-up comedy series on, Chappelle’s Show. Read on to learn more about the celebrated wife of the comic personality.

Tisha Taylor’s Bio And Age

Tisha Taylor Murphy whose maiden name is Tisha R. Taylor was born in New Jersey, USA on 9th September 1969. Little or nothing is known about her parents and siblings. Even her educational background is not known.

She got married to her husband, the late Charlie Murphy, on 12th August 1997. Their marriage produced two children, Xavier (born 1999) and Eva (born 2006). She also inherited a stepson from Charlie’s previous affair.

This Virgo queen was 40 years as at the time of her death on 13th December 2009. She lived and died in New Jersey. Here are more details about the life and death of Charlie Murphy’s ex-wife below.

Life, And Death Of Charlie Murphy’s Ex-Wife

Tisha Taylor And Charlie Murphy’s Relationship Began after an Unusual First Meeting

Tisha met her husband on a boat as she was having dinner with her friends. Murphy revealed that when he beckoned on her to come with him regardless of the fact that she didn’t know him, she came along as against the advice of her friends. He took her straight to his younger brother, Eddie’s house. When they arrived there, he told them that he had found his future wife. His mother, his stepfather, and his brother Eddie were there.

Her Marriage To Charlie Murphy

They later got married in August 2007 and for ten (10) years, she was always by her husband’s side. It was obvious that they had the best of marital bliss because when Charlie was describing her to the Black Doctor, an online magazine, he said that he couldn’t believe he could meet another person that will complete him so perfectly. He went on to say that she was the mirror image of his own life.

Tisha Taylor
Charlie Murphy and his younger brother Eddie Murphy image source

Charlie Quinton Murphy was born on 12th July 1959 and he was well known as a talented comic actor, screenwriter, stand up comedian and voice actor who had successful stints in a comedy central sketch of Chapelle, CB4, Black Jesus, and Power. He had two brothers; Eddie Murphy whom he fiercely protected and a half brother who goes by the name Vernon Lynch Jr.

Tisha Taylor’s Cervical Cancer Bout And Struggles

Tisha Taylor was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 2007 and for two years, she battled the terminal ailment. Her comedian husband disclosed that one fateful day he arrived home then found his beloved wife weeping in the children’s room, on inquiry she revealed the sad news and the doctor’s report to her husband. Despite the bad doctor’s report Charlie Murphy chose to stand by his spouse to fight the dread killer disease till they lost the fight on the 13th December 2009. Charlie Murphy expressed his devastation as he revealed how much of a healthy life Taylor lived.

She Planned Her Own Funeral

Tisha Taylor put her organizational skills which her husband had revealed she had in excess to use for the last time before her death to plan her own funeral. Murphy revealed that regardless of the fact that her life was gradually slipping away, she made sure that every of her own funeral arrangements had been concluded.

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Tisha Taylor’s Dying Wish

While on her sick bed, Tisha Taylor implored her husband to remarry but he never did. Tisha Taylor was obviously not the only person who wanted her husband to remarry but his children also tried to persuade him to settle down again alas Charlie Murphy could not find any other woman who could fill in the void that his late wife, Tasha left. Hence, he stayed unmarried while sticking wholeheartedly to his children as they reminded him of his late wife. He mentioned that his son, Xavier was just about his age when he lost his own dad, thus he had firsthand knowledge of what his kids were going through.

Death Of Her Spouse Charlie Murphy

Upon till his death on April 12, 2017, Charlie never recovered from the shock of the monumental loss his wife. Even his kids could not totally console him and eventually, his own untimely demise came in 2017.


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