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Tom Jones, who was knighted by the Queen in 2006 is a Welsh rock, pop and soul musician who also appears as a coach on Britain’s The Voice show. His career has been largely successful for over 50 years, with several comebacks, tours and even acting in tow. Tom has released songs in pop, country, gospel, dance, soul and R&B genres. The legend has sold over 100 million records and has 36 Top 40 hits in the United Kingdom, which is no small feat. He also has 19 such hits in the USA. Tom has worked with a variety of labels, including; Decca, his first, Epic, Jive, Interscope, and Mercury records.  Let’s take a look at his illustrious career, family, wife, and sons.

Tom Jones’ Bio

Tom Jones was born into the world on the 7th of June, 1940, in Pontypridd, Wales. He was the son of Thomas Woodward, a miner, and Freda Jones, a homemaker. They come from a long line of Welsh coal miners. From an early age, Jones loved to sing at gatherings and in the school choir. His singing was heavily influenced by American blues, R&B, and rock. However, he caught tuberculosis at the age of 12 which kept him indoors for two years and nearly claimed his life.

Tom Jones was dyslexic and struggled with school. He was more interested in girls, music, and booze, so he quit school when he was 16, developing his musical prowess based on singers like Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Brooke Benton, and Little Richard. He also got married to his girlfriend Melinda Trenchard around this time as they were expecting a child. Tom got a job making gloves at a factory and then later as a construction worker. As his wife gave birth the month after their wedding, he had to work to fend for his growing family.


Tom Jones joined a Welsh beat group in 1963 and soon they gained popularity in South Wales. They had a producer named Joe Meek who helped them record several solo tracks so he could present them to labels. However, this came back unsuccessful, and so the group continued to play gigs in bars, dance halls, and men’s clubs. It was at one of such gigs that a London-based manager spotted Tom and got him signed to Decca records. It was from here that Tom Jones would become a household name in the United Kingdom. From 1964 to 1966, Tom made songs for movies such as James Bond and even met Elvis Presley, who happened to be singing his song when they first met.

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He first performed in Las Vegas in 1967 concentrating on more lucrative club performances. His shows were deemed so sexy that frequently underwear and hotel room keys would be thrown on stage when he was performing. At the peak of his career, Tom Jones was accused of sleeping with as many as 250 different women in a year. In 1999, his album Reload sold 5 million copies. He continued releasing music albums and even released a biography. He has been knighted, receiving among other nominations, GQ Man of The Year, Brit Awards, and 2 Silver Clef awards.

Tom is also a successful actor. He has appeared in The Simpsons, Duck Dodgers and King of The Ted. His versatility is a true testament of his talent.

Everything About Tom Jones’ Family (Wife and Sons)

Tom Jones
Tom and late wife Linda

Tom Jones married his high school lover, Melinda Trenchard in March 1957. They were both 16 years at the time and Linda, as her friends called her, was due in April. Like her husband she also worked in a factory. Throughout his career and till she passed, Melinda seldom showed up beside him publicly, preferring to be the quiet one.

She focused her time on her son, Mark Woodward, and in keeping her marriage together. There were many cases of infidelity and Tom even had a son from a three-day fling with a model, Katherine Berkery.

Tom’s first son, Mark, now works as his manager. However, his second son, whom he refused to show paternal love to, turned to drugs and guns to deal with the rejection. Jonathan Berkery admitted in a TV interview that he had been smoking weed since he was 16 before he upgraded to pills, ecstasy and finally cocaine. He also confirmed that he named 2 sidearms he bought “The Brothers” and carried them around with him.

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