What You Should Know About Tommy Flanagan, His Family and How He got the Scar on His Face

The name Tommy Flanagan may not be as high-sounding as the likes of Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, or Denzel Washington in Hollywood circles but it also has a special ring to it indicating that the man behind that name is one of the respected people in the game. Tommy Flanagan, a Scottish actor, is hailed as a versatile movie star who has come from nothing to truly earn his reputation as a superstar.

Flanagan has starred in dozens of movies and TV series, cementing his status as one of the biggest acting exports from Scotland to Hollywood. The actor has starred in some blockbuster movies, proving his worth as an actor of great renown. But how did it all start for this Scottish film heavyweight?

Tommy Flanagan’s Early Years

Tommy Flanagan was given birth to in Easterhouse, a little town in Glasgow, Scotland on the 3rd of July 1965 to a father called David Flanagan and a mother identified as Elizabeth Flanagan. He was raised in Glasgow, alongside his brother, Andrew Flanagan, and five other children. Not exactly a surprise for a Scottish, Tommy was raised a Catholic and spent his childhood days as an altar boy in the Catholic church.

Life took an unexpected turn for Tommy when his father walked away from the family, leaving them without a patriarch to support the large family. This unfortunate turn of events bred trouble for the Flanagan children, with some of them, including Tommy getting into trouble while trying to live life the way they saw fit.

A large family such as theirs struggled with money and Tommy, like the rest of his siblings, worked to support the family. Tommy especially took on odd jobs like painting and decoration.

Tommy Flanagan
Tommy Flanagan, Kim Coates, Charlie Hunnam, and David Labrava in Sons of Anarchy (2008)

The Journey to Stardom

Tommy Flanagan is a star now but the journey to achieving that stardom was not an easy one for the actor considering how tough his background was. But he did try to make do, concentrating on his painting and decoration. It was not too long before these painting and decoration jobs began to fetch him quite a sizeable income.

However, being an adventurous man, Flanagan soon decided to add another side gig to his CV and started working as a DJ.

Life as a DJ

In his 20s. Tommy Flanagan became a Disc Jockey in Glasgow after learning the ropes. But DJing was only a part-time job for Flanagan since he was also involved with his painting job at the time.

During his time as a DJ, he performed in local dance clubs and got quite familiar with the world of entertainment. But he soon left his job as a DJ after an unfortunate incident which saw him getting attacked by thugs.

Tommy’s Acting Career

After the attack by hoodlums, Tommy Flanagan’s friend, Robert Carlyle advised him to leave the DJ profession and become an actor. He took the advice and soon joined Carlyle’s Raindog Theater Company, where he began to appear on stage. During his time as a stage actor, Tommy appeared in plays like Wasted I and II, Macbeth, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

the interesting thing is that while growing up, Flanagan never thought of acting as something he could do for a living. However, during the three years he worked in the theater, Tommy saw acting as a legitimate way to build the life he wanted and fell in love with the profession. He eventually, began to seek roles in onscreen productions and got his debut in an episode of Screen One in 1992.

He further appeared in Tis the Season to be Jolly and Taggart. In 1995, he had his first appearance in a Hollywood project, appearing in Braveheart alongside Mel Gibson. Since then, Tommy Flanagan has appeared in several Hollywood films and television shows. The Game (1997), Gladiator (2000), Sin City (2005), Smokin’ Aces (2010), are just some of the major films Tommy Flanagan has appeared in over the years.

Tommy Flanagan in Gladiator (2000)

In television, he got his most iconic role yet as Filip Chibs Telford on the Sons of Anarchy. He played the role of 90 episodes between 2008 and 2014. He has most recently been cast to play Alec McCullough in Wu Assassins; a 2019 project. His status as one of Hollywood’s biggest Scottish actors has earned him an ambassadorial role, such as being the spokesperson of Irn-Bru, a Scottish soft drink.

The Incident That Gave Tommy Flanagan His Facial Scars

Tommy Flanagan’s face is an instantly recognizable one and one of the reasons for this, apart from him being very famous, is that he has some scars on his face which have made him quite distinctive. Fans, who have since taken note of the scars on his face, have often referred to the actor as “the man with the ‘Glasgow Smile'”.

Tommy FlanaganBut how did he get his scars? The story dates back to the time he worked as DJ when he suffered an attack in the hands of thugs believed to be robbers. One day, Flanagan was leaving the club after his performance when the robbers surrounded him and attacked him with knives.

During the attack, Flanagan was stabbed and his face was cut from ear to ear by the attackers. After the attack, he was taken to hospital to recover but even though he eventually recovered, the scars never left his face. This attack was one major reason why he quit his work as a DJ and took to acting after the advice from his friend Robert Carlyle.

The scars on his face have turned out to be quite a good thing for him because he has used them to play convincing tough-guy roles in different movies and series including Sons of Anarchy in which he was nicknamed ‘Chibs’, a Scottish slang which means ‘knife’.

Who is Tommy Flanagan’s Wife?

Tommy Flanagan is currently a happily married man. The movie star is married to a woman called Dina Livingston. Interestingly, Dina is a film producer with some production credits to her name.

Details about how Flanagan and Dina Livingston met and fell in love remain quite vague. However, we know that they tied the knot as husband and wife on 1 August 2010. They have remained together ever since.

Tommy Flanagan and Dina Livingston have one daughter together called Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan. The girl was born in 2012.

Before Dina Livingston, There were Others

For the record, it is noteworthy that before he got married to Dina Livingston, Tommy Flanagan was previously married twice to different women.

His first marriage was to a woman called Rachel Flanagan. Rachel is also involved in filmmaking; she is an actress as well as a casting director. Flanagan and Rachel got married in May 1998 but unfortunately got divorced in 2001.

After his divorce from Rachel Flanagan, Tommy went ahead to meet and tie the nuptial knot with another woman called Jane Ford. They got married on 23 December 2007 and remained together as husband and wife till 10 June 2010 when they divorced.

It was after his divorce from Jane Ford that Tommy Flanagan met his current wife, Dina Livingston. It appears that this time, his marriage is bound to stay as the couple keeps things smooth and loving.


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