Recent Issues That Have Plagued Tony Beets Mining Career, His TV Works and Family Life

A reality TV celebrity and proud owner of Tamarack Mine, Tony Beets gained recognition on Gold Rush – a popular Discovery Channel show. His skillfulness at finding gold, as well as his communication skills, which is nothing short of colorful, made him a renowned figure in the Klondike.

However, like anyone who owns a blue-collared business, Tony has had to deal with a slew of issues, ranging from workplace hazards to bureaucratic restrictions. These issues, along with his fascinating and longtime marriage to his wife, Minnie Beets, have made Tony Beets and his life a delightful and informative watch for viewers of Gold Rush.

Tony Beets Found Fame on Gold Rush

Beets’s decision to move to Yukon in search of gold proved successful. He began working in the gold mines and rose to become one of the biggest gold miners in Canada. As part of his success, he owns two mines – the Tamarack Mine and Paradise Hills. The former, based in Klondike, is one of the most successful mining operations in the area.

Eventually, this tale of success found its way to producers of reality TV shows for the Discovery Channel. In 2010, they approached Tony Beets, along with other owners of family-run mining companies, to start a reality show that documents the day to day process of their lives.

Beets, with his crew and family members, however, did not join Gold Rush until the second season. Since its premiere in 2010, the show has aired over 235 episodes, and Tony has featured in many of them. Thanks to the popularity of the show, which has averaged more than two million viewers per season since its debut, Tony and his family became famous.

While he did not start that way, over time, Tony Beets became a prominent part of the show, especially after the exit of the Hoffman family from the show in 2017. He and his colorful acts became a staple of the show, drawing fans for the veteran miner. It also cemented his place as one of the most popular reality TV stars working today.

Gold Rush and Mining Has Made Him a Lot of Money Too

Not only has the reality show made him famous, but it has also made him a lot of money. According to several online reports, Tony Beets makes up to $25,000 per episode on the show.

Presumably, he has made the amount since he joined the show in 2011, resulting in over $4 million earned in more than 160 episodes. Aside from the main show, he has also appeared in spin-off shows like Gold Rush: The Dirt, Gold Rush: White Water, Gold Rush: Pay Dirt, and Gold Fever.

Tony Beets
Tony’s dirt work has made him a multimillionaire: image source

Beyond the financial income from starring on Gold Rush, his mining operation routinely makes several million dollars throughout a season. With two highly producing mines in Tamarack Mine and Paradise Hills running simultaneously, he mines a lot of gold enough to amass an estimated net worth of $15 million.

However, like all businesses, it is not all rainbows and sunshine. Tony has dealt with his share of setbacks and controversies, some of which have appeared on the show.

Tony Beets was Fined $31,000 for a Mining Incident

Every business has its chaotic side, but very few can match the physical chaos of a mining operation. A notable example of this came in 2014 when a worker under his company poured gasoline into a dredge pond and set it on fire. An investigation into the incident revealed the worker and his company had violated parts of the Yukon Waters Act.

The investigations also revealed other failings from Tony Beets’s company. He and his company had allowed the deposit of waste into the water in an area designated as a water management area. Besides that, Tamarack also failed to report doing so, as well as flouted other conditions of its water license.

The incident, filmed and aired in the 100 Ounces episode of Gold Rush, aided in the investigation into Beets company. Following the completion of the inquiry in August 2017, he and his company were fined $31,000 by a Yukon court. Beets was fined $6,000 while his company, Tamarack, received $25,000 in fines. The worker who committed the triggering act received a fine of $1,725.

The scandal generated outrage by members of the community, and a majority opinion believed the penalties were too small for his multimillionaire operation. However, the fallout from the incident went beyond the fines. In 2019, Beets and his company were denied water permits to mine for a new season of Gold Rush.

As covered by the season 10 episodes of the show, the lack of water permits threatened the survival of several of his plants. However, based on episode listings of the show, Tony managed to weather the challenge and everything his hunky-dory in the Beets family operation again.

His Wife is an Influential Part of the Family Business

Tony Beets
image source

Tony Beets and his wife Minnie were next-door neighbors when they started dating. His wife was just 20 years at the time, and they dated for a long time before culminating their relationship in a 1984 wedding, after which he relocated to Canada with her.

Their union, which has been going strong for decades has produced five children, namely Jasmine, the youngest girl born in 1992 but died after a little over two months. Others are Monica, Michale, Kelvin, and Bianca, all of whom work in the family business.

Tony Beets
Tony, his wife, Minnie, and their children: image source

What’s more, Minnie is more than just the mother of his children. She is an integral part of her husband’s business as she holds the purse string as well as handles the paperwork. Before her job as the bookkeeper of Paradise Hill, which has lasted more than a decade, Minnie took up paid employment in-home healthcare. She worked in the role after she moved with her spouse to Canada.

Presently, she keeps an iron hand on the purse string of the family business as she often argues with her spouse over large amounts of money he pours into the dredge. To viewers of the show, she is notably the only person Tony cannot say no to, and thus, helped Tony and the family business reach enviable success.


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