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The advent of Instagram has allowed a lot of people to become famous. One of such persons is Tony Toutouni, an Iranian-born American businessman who operates a night club in the city of Los Angeles. With more than 2 million followers on Instagram at a particular time following his every move, he has a valid claim to fame and stardom.

He is friends with equally popular Dan Bilzerian, a gambler, who gained fame by showing off his lavish lifestyle to people on social media. Tony himself owes a majority of his followers to show off a lavish lifestyle replete with women, cars, cash, yachts and so on. He best describes himself on his Instagram page as a man who has made a lot of money and cares less about people’s thoughts. More so, he proclaimed himself the King of Instagram and is seen as an icon by playboys and people looking to live the lavish lifestyle. Read on to find out more about this self-proclaimed royalty!

Who is Tony Toutouni?

As per Tony Toutouni’s early life and family, not much is known about it except that he was born in Iran before he and his family moved to the United States because his parents had to further their educations at the University of Kansas. Then, his dad was pursuing his Masters while his mom looked forward to acquiring a Ph.D. Tony’s birth date is not yet known as he hasn’t revealed this. Several online sources, however, claims that he was born sometime in 1973 (the days and months vary).

At the moment, Tony Toutouni makes his wealth from investing in real estate although he has been involved in several other ventures over the course of his life. According to reports, he started earning sometime in his late teenage years. His lavish lifestyle also reportedly began sometime around the age of 18 and it has stayed with him ever since.

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Tony Toutouni’s foray into entrepreneurship reportedly began as a car stereo salesman the proceeds of which he used to open a nightclub in the city of Los Angeles which named he Hollywood. This venture of his paid off and became really profitable so much so that he earned a lot of money selling it off. After selling off his first nightclub, Tony bought another night club with the proceeds he made from the sale of his first nightclub. He then went on to expand his businesses by buying into several properties.

Apart from these, Tony Toutouni also started investing in car dealerships and, as such, expanded his entrepreneurial reach even more. He specialized in buying properties, increasing their values and thereafter selling them thus earning a lot of profit. His investments kept paying off which is how he came to become one of those who can afford a lavish lifestyle and show off on Instagram.

Is He Really A Billionaire? How Much Is He Worth?

Although there are claims that Tony Toutouni is a billionaire, his net worth as at our last update of this article stood at around $75 million. Till date, there are no proofs that his net worth lies around billions of dollars. Maybe, he self-proclaimed his billionaire status.

Tony Toutouni’s Lifestyle

Tony Toutouni
Tony Toutouni lifestyle

Toutouni is notorious for his extravagant lifestyle. His Instagram account is filled with pictures of him surrounded by wads of cash and scantily clad women. He owns a bevy of high end, luxury vehicles including a Rolls Royce Ghost worth $335,000, a Lamborghini Aventador Spyder worth $420,000, a Bentley GTC worth $220,000, a Rolls Royce Dawn worth about $390,000 and a BMW i8 worth about $165,000. In all, his car collection worth somewhere around $1.5 million.

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Tony Toutouni has a private jet that is worth around $3 million. Apart from these, Tony has several homes in Los Angeles including one in Hollywood Hills, as well as a condo and penthouse in Beverly Hills.

Sometime in 2014, he insured his middle finger for a mind-boggling sum of $7 million. The finger is his brand’s signature as it is the logo of business ventures which he is involved with.

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Is Tony Toutouni Married?

In early 2018, Tony Toutouni married Julian Nicole Chavira, a model, for a month after which he divorced her. They met at a petrol pump where he approached her and offered to help fill her car with petrol. His marriage proposal was accompanied by a 7-carat diamond ring.

Other Facts About Him

  • Sometime in early 2019, Tony Toutoni’s Instagram account (@lunaticliving) was taken down. He suspected that feminists were behind the move and soon after opened a new one (tonytoutouni) that rose fast.
  • He is also known for his philanthropic acts which include a donation to William Holdings National Kids Stay Safe Program in 2013, distribution of toys to more than 200 kids in Los Angeles in 2015 among others.
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