Want A Successful Child? Here Are Top 10 Free Advises To Make That Happen

Beyond biological factors, it takes quite a lot to be a parent. More so, it requires a whole lot to achieve effective parenting.

And what is effective parenting? Effective parenting is the end point of a good communication between a parent and a child. This is when the child imbibes all the good stuff they are expected to learn from their parents.

There are quite a vast variation when it comes to parenting styles and I also must say,”different strokes for different folks”.

But… On a general note and as Africans there are some tips that have worked from time immemorial. These tips have been found to be the common traits/experiences in the lives of successful people.

Here are top 10 tips to make your child successful:

1. Spend Quality Time With Them:


You know them better when you spend time with them. And that means, being around; talking or taking a walk with them; help them with their home work and be at school functions.

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Did you know that making out time for you child makes you reliable? Plus they take you seriously for that as well.

The more time you spend with them, the stronger the bond. That way they are comfortable opening up to you. And that is where your guidance as a parent comes in.

Spending time with them helps you mold their personality.

2. Let Them Do Chores:

Yes… let them do regular chores in the house and time them if you have to. It is okay to give them tasks and a deadline to meet.

On the long run, you are helping them have a sense of responsibility; you are making them learn that there is dignity in labor.

You will agree that responsibility and being a harworker makes a good employee.

3. Think The Best Of Them:

When you think the best of your child and show it by way of word or action, the child develops a sense of self worth.

4. Delayed Gratification:

When you check the records of some successful people in the world today, you will find that they never always had everything they wanted and needed as children. That way, they learnt contentment as they hope for a better future.


That same pattern consciously works for children. For their own good in future, it is important that they know that they can’t have everything they want all the time.

5. Tolerate Their Failures:

They can’t be ‘perfect’ just because some other kids are perfect. When they fail in some tasks, make them understand there is room to do better. A wise man said that failure is only a postponed success.

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6. Don’t Pamper Them:

By all means, punish and admonish when you should. Be firm in curbing their excesses. If they learn to cope with being under authority, then they will fit in perfectly in a variety of positions in the future.

7. Commend Their Efforts:

Commending your children when they do something good and worth the while is all the inspiration they need to do more good.

8. Be Exactly Who You Want Them To Be:


That’s right! Practice what you preach. Be their first practical model of success. This could actually pass for the best of all effective parenting tips.

9. Help Them Balance Their Strengths & Weaknesses:

Still in line with spending time with them and helping them develop their personality; it is pertinent that you observe your child. Many people are not successful today because they have no clue how to balance their strong points and weak points.

Helping them understand this will help them prioritize their decisions in life.

10. Help Them Find & Improve Their Skills:

It’s all about skill acquisition now. Skills and formal education complement each other. It would be nice to expose them to practical workshops early in life.