Top 10 Health Benefits Of Paw-Paw Seeds

If you are fond of eating just the flesh of the paw-paw fruit, then you are wrong. Paw-paw seeds are as good as the flesh.

Paw-paw fruit, also referred to as papaya is found in tropical locations around the world.

The sweet and nutritious fruit is a wholly edible. As such, the seeds should not be discarded (at least not all of them) or found relevant only during cultivation.

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Research has proven that paw-paw seeds contain such nutrients as fat, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They also contain phenolic and flavonoid compounds that have antioxidant properties.

Paw-paw seeds may contain immuno-modulatory compounds which slows down tumor growth. They also contain compounds that may kill parasites as well.

Note however, that as a result of the high fat content of paw-paw seeds, it is advised that they are taken in moderation.

These are the benefits of eating paw-paw seeds:


1. Aids Digestion:

One of the most popular health benefit of the seeds is that they ease digestion processes. They contain an enzyme called papain which improves digestion.

2. Detoxification:

When consumed in small quantity, paw-paw seeds detoxify the liver.

3. Prevents Renal Failure:

According to experts, paw-paw seeds have the propensity to protect the kidneys from poisons and prevent them from renal failure.

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4. Fights Cancer:

Paw-paw seeds contain immuno-modulatory compounds that manage malignant tumors. These agents inhibit the growth of tumors and cancer cells. For instance, Paw-paw seeds contain isothiocyanate which helps with breast, colon, leukemia, lung and prostate cancer.

5. Improves Immunity:

They contain antibacterial and antiviral properties which protects the body system from certain infections like fevers and typhoid.

These seeds contain alkaloids that destroy parasites and worms in the intestine.

6. Reduces Inflammations:

Paw-paw seeds help in giving relief to joint pains, irritations from arthritis and swelling.