Maturity is when you see beyond the physical picture.

It is knowing what is more important than the other.

Understanding that life is a perfect blend of the good, the bad and the ugly.

In life, some distractions come across as genuine and insurmountable. But it takes the mature mind to look at it on the other side, from another perspective.

At the different stages of growing up, we apply different strategies. But there comes a time when what used to make sense does not anymore.

It could be induced by hardship or age. Either way, you can be sure that maturity just happened.

These are the top 10 changes that come with maturity:

1. Emotional Dependence:

You now know there is a difference between love and infatuation. Words which soothed your heart before now appears childish and irrelevant. This is the time you see the big role of decision in loving and caring for people whether they deserve it or not.

Emotional dependence is a good sign of maturity. Before you take that step, you first weigh the passion and reason behind it; and this time reason often takes the cake.

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2.  Rationality:

If you must fight, choose your battle wisely. This is not when you throw in the hat and refuse to consider if it is actually worth it to do.

You are not blinded by emotions or ambition. You want to be sure that every step you take will be worth it on the long run.

3. Contentment:

The quest for instant gratification no longer makes sense. Even when you deserve more, you clearly understand that you owe it to yourself to be grateful for the much that you have.

This does not mean that you stop working for things that you want but you now understand that rewards are not always instantaneous. You are thinking long-term not a temporary feel good moment.

4. Self-Effacement:

Unlike you, you consciously choose to bow out when the ovation is loudest. Humility is your new creed.

5. Unshaken By Your Imperfections:


You finally get it, “I’m not perfect ” and that is okay. You’ve made mistakes, you’ve been embarrassed and cajoled; but they didn’t kill you. These things made you stronger and better. You’ve learned to accept things you cannot change and change what you can.

6. Redefinition of Purpose:

“Who and what am I living for?” You have found the need to redefine your person and purpose in life. It just has to be more than what used to be.

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7. Thoughtfulness:


The narcissism has dropped. It’s not just about you anymore. All of a sudden politics and social affairs interest you. You are cautious about your life and the life of others around you. You choose your words and actions carefully.

8. You do not go with the bandwagon anymore:

Even if it means standing alone, you have come so far in life with age and experience to know that you are entitled to your own opinion. No one else but you does the thinking for you; that is maturity.

9. Love for ‘little things’:

When you were younger with lesser experiences, the deal was chasing the big things – money, fame, building an empire. Now the picture is different. You just want to make memories of simple happy moments that will last a lifetime.

10. Loud Music Gives You A Headache:


You’ve been through a lot to understand that noise only drowns your sorrows for an infinitesimal span of time. You are not scared to hear your own thoughts. In fact you are becoming a more ardent seeker of peace and tranquility in your private time.