Top 10 Reasons Why Cucumber Is ‘Cool’ For You!

Cucumber is a wholly edible food/ fruit/vegetable eaten alone or incorporated into meals. Adding to its crunchy delicious taste, are the health benefits of this green colored fruit. It is found in many geographical locations. Cucumber is one fruit that has initiated the concept of “detox” waters. Detox waters are simply the infusion of fruits in water and consumed for not more than 24 hours; cucumbers are often the leading ingredients.

In an age of quick fixes, detox waters have been trending for all exaggerated reasons. However, according to Mayo Clinic, “there is little evidence that they eliminate toxins from your body.” Medics insist that the kidneys and livers are naturally tasked to remove toxins from the body via urination; Water as a natural cleanser helps in the process while keeping the organs in tip-top shape; fruits naturally perform their function of boosting immunity and improving health.

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So better than pills and detox diets, health experts advise that the best bet is to eat healthy, stay hydrated and have a balanced incorporation of fruits and vegies in your meals. And that is where cucumbers come in – they are an all in one water + nutrients/minerals combo to improve your health. They are known for their medicinal and health advantages, these are reasons why you should be cucumber-friendly:


1. Cucumbers are very low-calorie foods that make you feel fuller, thus helps those on weight loss programs to control their appetite. You could even snack with them.

2. Cucumbers have natural detoxing properties; they increase your metabolism.

3. Cucumbers are a great source of vitamin B- boosts energy

4. They are rich in potassium and magnesium which helps in heart health – lowers blood pressure.

5. It has a beta-carotene content which is good in improving eyesight.

6. Cucumbers contain chemical compounds known as Lignans which have been shown to help combat several types of cancer like prostate, breast cancer, and uterine; and Vitamin C that fights free radicals

7. Anti Bloating properties – cucumber contains fibre which helps to evacuate the system; leaving your system reinvigorated

8. Anti-ageing/Rejuvenating properties; explains why they are used for skin treatment and facials in spas.

9. Cucumbers are a rich source of vitamin k which prevents blood clotting, improves tissue health, and also strengthens the bones. They’ve been found good in handling conditions like arthritis.

10. Excellent for a re-hydration therapy – Cucumbers have a 97% water retention property and ‘cools’ down body temperature in a hot environment.

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