20 Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Kenya 2020

There are countless YouTube channels serving different purposes around the globe. No matter what you are looking for; a music platform, beauty tips, or even life hacks, there is always something for everybody. However, we are focusing on YouTube channels in Kenya, particularly the most subscribed ones. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like; a ranking of YouTube channels in Kenya based on statistics collected within a given time frame. The list is compiled in the order of their positions in terms of ones with the highest number of subscribers with the ultimate goal of helping you navigate through YouTube depending on what you are looking for. They are;

1. Freeze Lists

  • Date Created: 29-01-2012
  • Subscribers: 2.04 Million
  • Channel Views: 653.59 Million
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This very innovative channel explores in detail, the newest technology, inventions, innovations, and creations that are mind-blowing. The channel has German and Spanish translations and the videos range from amazing to really scary. Despite posting only about 400 videos, it has the highest number of subscribers in Kenya with millions of views on its YouTube channel.

2. Kenya CitizenTV

  • Date Created: 07-08-2008
  • Subscribers: 2 Million
  • Channel Views: 687.73 Million

Kenya CitizenTV station commands a total reach of 90% over its 12 years of existence and has shared about 100 thousand videos since its conception. The news site covers all socioeconomic groups and speaks to all gender. Asides their very popular YouTube channel, they are in Kampala and Zambia on a free to air signal and also on DSTV. They air a number of shows ranging from News, Local shows, telenovelas, music, and reality shows.

3. KTN News Kenya

  • Date Created: 30-07-2008
  • Subscribers: 1.39 Million
  • Channel Views: 636.80 Million


KTN Kenya is a 24-hour news and current affairs channel that is filled with lots of interesting content. It is a channel to stick to if you want to get first-hand information on most things happening in Kenya and it delivers this around the clock. The channel broadcasts in English and Swahili. Just like other authoritative news channels in Kenya, KTN streams live broadcast and has about 135,000 videos on its channel.

4. Churchill Show

  • Date Created: 11-03-2013
  • Subscribers: 1.35 Million
  • Channel Views: 456,67 Million

If you love humor, Churchill show channel is the channel to subscribe to on YouTube. Churchill show usually airs on NTV Kenya and is pioneered by Daniel Ndambuki also known as Churchill. Kenya’s leading entertainer, as usual, portrays his unique creative edge and creativity that keeps his viewers coming back for more.

5. NTV Kenya

  • Date Created: 22-03-2012
  • Subscribers: 1.17 Million
  • Channel Views: 414.09 Million

NTV Kenya is among the most subscribed YouTube Channels in Kenya. It is where Kenyans go for the latest news every day. The TV Channel is home to several popular shows like Churchill Show, Press Pass, Health Diary, The Wicked Edition. Bull’s Eye amongst others.

6. K24TV

  • Date Created: 04-02-2008
  • Subscribers: 939,000
  • Channel Views: 361.81 Million

K24TV is known as one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in Kenya. The channel became the first Kenyan TV to stream live on the Internet giving updates on news, entertainment, sports, and more in real-time.

7. HeroSmashers

  • Date Created: 09-09-2015
  • Subscribers: 733,000 Thousand
  • Channel Views: 300.41 Million
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Another channel on this list of most-subscribed YouTube channels is this channel that basically uploads epic superhero fight animation every one or two weeks. If you are a fan of any Marvel & DC superheroes, spiderman, superman, and the likes, you will love this channel.

8. Sauti Sol

  • Date Created: 09-04-2012
  • Subscribers: 587,000
  • Channel Views: 141.12 Million

Sauti Sol is an Afro-pop band and it includes Polycarp (guitar), Mudigi (vocals, percussion, and drums), Bien Aime (vocals and guitar), and Chimano (vocals and saxophone). The channel has garnered huge followership over time which is a reflection of their growing fan base.

9. Willy Paul Msafi

  • Date Created: 21-03-2010
  • Subscribers: 479,000
  • Channel Views: 94.24 Million

This is the official YouTube channel for the very talented Willy Paul. The channel houses several of his music videos.

10 HackerSploit

  • Date Created: 02-11-2015
  • Subscribers: 467,000
  • Channel Views: 19.98 Million


Hackersploit is a big hub that teaches about Linux and Ethical Hacking. The channel offers training packages in Infosec, Web application, Penetrative Testing, and cybersecurity awareness. It is the leading provider of free and open-source training in these areas.

11. Ebru TV Kenya

  • Date Created: 08-01-2014
  • Subscribers: 441,000 Thousand
  • Channel Views: 136.54 Million

This channel is another popular home of News, Entertainment, and Lifestyle that keeps their viewers informed about Kenya and Africa in general.

12. Africha Movies

  • Date Created: 16-08-2017
  • Subscribers: 439,000
  • Channel Views: 65.13 Million

This is the place to watch thousands of African movies for free. There are lots of full interesting movies on the channel which have made it very popular.

13. Otile Brown Official

  • Date Created: 20-04-2016
  • Subscribers: 427,000
  • Channel Views: 97.41 Million

This is the official channel for Kenyan independent R&B singer Jacob Obunga popularly known as Otile Brown. He rose to fame after he released his first single “Imaginary Love” featuring Khaligraph Jones.

14. DailyNation

  • Date Created: 30-03-2012
  • Subscribers: 425,000
  • Channel Views: 175, 89 Million

It is obvious that Kenyans like to keep abreast of happenings around them and in the world. This is another news channel on YouTube which is the official channel of Kenya’s leading daily newspaper – Daily Nation.

15. Eric Omondi

  • Date Created: 13-10-2011
  • Subscribers: 401,000
  • Channel Views: 47.05 Million

Eric Omondi is a renowned comedian and singer he is the CEO of Big Tyme Entertainment. He has created countless exciting and compelling comedy series out of Kenya and other East African Countries. He prides himself as the “President of Comedy Africa” and has huge followership across his social media platforms including YouTube.

16. Njugush

  • Date Created: 01-01-2014
  • Subscribers: 348,000
  • Channel Views: 57.94 Million

With about 473 videos and millions of views, Njugush is another Kenyan comedian who has a huge number of subscribers on YouTube. He has several hilarious skits on his channel with his most popular videos getting well over 1 million views.

17. Jim Nduruchi RUS

  • Date Created: 12-11-2012
  • Subscribers: 345, 000
  • Channel Views: 513.21 Million

The official channel for the charitable society causes of Jim Nduruchi through the charitable organization, Rise Up. They have helped thousands in Kenya and Uganda with education sponsorship, child care, medical treatments among other needs. Their YouTube channel is used to raise awareness for their campaigns and get help from people around the globe. With the number of views on this channel, the world is definitely paying attention.

18. Bahati Kenya

  • Date Created: 07-08-2012
  • Subscribers: 340,000
  • Channel Views: 61.90 Million

Bahati is a gospel singer with a huge fan base in Kenya. He is a very controversial person and is one of the most talked-about celebrities in Kenya today. He is definitely not shy about airing his opinion of others which has brought him attention in the media and traffic to his channel.

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19. Henry DeSagu

  • Date Created: 11-08-2016
  • Subscribers: 340,000
  • Channel Views: 52,26 Million

This channel serves as a platform for comedian Henry Desagu to keep his fans entertained by sharing funny videos. The most popular of his videos has 1.5 million views.

20. Richy Haniel

  • Date Created: 27-04-2017
  • Subscribers: 336,000
  • Channel Views: 76.86 million

This channel is an online media entertainment and the leading source for new music. It has a large collection of Afrobeat, Hip-hop, Dancehall, Reggae mixtapes. With over 3 million unique visitors every month, the platform has become the top new music destination for Artists, DJ’s and Fans of the Afrobeat music.

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