Winners Of The First-Ever SubSahran African Youtube Awards

There are countless Youtube channels serving different purposes around the globe. No matter what you are looking for; a music platform, beauty tips, or even life hacks, there is always something for everybody. However, we are focusing on Youtube channels in Kenya, particularly the most subscribed ones. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like; a ranking of YouTube channels in Kenya based on statistics collected within a given time frame. Although the list is not compiled in the order of their positions in terms of ones with the highest number of subscribers, the goal is to help you navigate through Youtube depending on what you are looking for. See the Channels below.


DuchessGabrielle is a natural hair expert who shares everything she knows about natural hair care. Her Youtube channel is one of the most subscribed YouTube Channels in Kenya with more than 150 videos and 37,000 subscribers.

Capital FM Kenya

With over 21.84 million views and over 48,234 subscribers, Capital FM Kenya has won a spot on our list as one of most subscribed Youtube Channels in Kenya. The channel shares diverse videos touching on different aspects of entertainment that have got many more Kenyans subscribing to it.


Salafmedia is one of the champion Islam channels exploring Islamic teachings. It has over 15.32 million views with over 63,000 subscribers making it one of the top Youtube channels in its category.

Explore Oceans

Typical of its name, ExploreOceans is a Youtube channel that is dedicated to exploring aquatic beauty. The channel shares the stunning water nature and its habitat. It has 15.7 million views thanks to its 38.72 thousand subscribers.

Aflaanta Studio

Aflaanta Studio is a soothing music channel that tends to bring Somalis together via delightful videos and clips. It has 100 thousand subscribers with 66.57 million views.

Ghafla Kenya

Ghafla Kenya has you covered on latest entertainment news and clips. The channel has grown its fame on Youtube with its over 70,000 subscribers and 38.04 million views.


sKadoodles8321 is another well subscribed YouTube channel in Kenya with over 8,302  subscribers and just 12 videos.  Besides sharing fun videos, the gaming channel at times shares unexpected witty videos.

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Sometimes all we need is just a good laugh and that is what Kula Happy offers. The channel is filled with amazing animated Kenyan videos made specially to entertain all kinds of audience. The videos ranging from three to eight minutes have got about 19,048 people subscribing to the channel.

The XYZ Show

Another great channel for both Kenyans and Africans at large. The XYZ Show has over 200 videos and over 17,000 subscribers. The channel shows funny and controversial political satire and they are created by Buni in Nairobi.


Hackersploit is a big hub that teaches about Linux and Ethical Hacking. It has 1.68 million videos and 33,000 subscribers.


JakesGotHerpes doesn’t just show you videos of animals like reptiles, amphibians and inverts, the channel also entertains you. Again, it will give you some tips on how to care and feed the unique animals. The channel has gained over 4.32 million views, and for the consistent update of the channel’s contents, it has over 31,000 followers.

HD Mwas

You will find many channels that tell you about the latest music of different interests. But that’s not what HD Mwas does. The channel instead focuses on reggae and dancehall music. For its exclusivity, the channel has gained over 44,000 subscribers and over 38.03 million views.


Dswtkenya brings a flip to the script offering you clips on wildlife and its habitats. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit organisation that works to conserve and protect animals and their homes. The Youtube channel is a massive platform boasting of 41.20 million views and 63,000 subscribers.

E News Kenya

E News Kenya offers unique spins when it comes to delivering entertainment and trending viral videos. The channel has 31.57 million views and over 72,000 subscribers.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is an Afro band and it includes Polycarp (guitar), Mudigi (vocals, percussion and drums), Bien Aime (vocals and guitar) and Chimano (vocals and saxophone). The channel has over 142,120 subscribers and over 41.5 million views.

Churchill Show

If you love humour, Churchill show channel is the channel to subscribe to on YouTube. Churchill show usually airs on NTV Kenya. It has over 101.77 million views and 300,000 subscribers.


With over 160.00 million views and over 309,000 subscribers, K24TV is known as one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in Kenya. The channel brings you live updates on news, entertainment, sports and more.

KTN Kenya

With over 278.75 million views and over 479,000 subscribers, KTN Kenya is filled with lots of interesting contents. It is a channel to stick to if you want to get first-hand information on most things happening in Kenya.

Kenya Citizen TV

Kenya CitizenTV is another Kenyan news Youtuber that has gained more and more traction. It has over 479,000 people subscribed to it as well as about 227.89 million views.

NTV Kenya

With 108.25 million views and over 198,000 subscribers, NTV Kenya is among the most subscribed YouTube Channels in Kenya.

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