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After this article, your sleeping schedule should and must take a turn for the better if not the best. SLEEP IS GOOD, incredibly good. When you run into grumpy and scruffy looking people in the morning who feel offended because you said good morning; just be nice, you probably had a better night sleep than they did. Sleep is a God-given privilege to escape into a realm of peace. I mean God rested and even slept, so why should you not; bedtime should exist for everyone, old and young. Seems as though we all need to be re-acquainted with the “early to bed and early to rise” poem because it surely “makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Not having enough sleep makes you prone to quite a number of health oddities. The “retire to bed” expression does not exist for nothing; you need to rest, the body systems need to rest by giving it an adequate sleep.

In the 21st-century, people are generally more compassionate towards their electronics than their health. You know very well that overusing them will just make them break down, unfortunately, we fail to see the need for the same pattern in our bio-systems. Work and rest complement each other; there should be a balance between them. So after the day’s job, feel free to shut down and have yourself and adequate sleep. Don’t let inconsequential things like late night TV programmes, bank alerts or social networks keep you up, else you just might be making yourself vulnerable to the following health risks:

Top 5 Reasons for Adequate Sleep

1. Low Mental Alertness


It’s just like one of those days when you are convinced you are awake but somehow your head is not. There is discord between the entire body and the mind, in other words, you are obviously not ready for the day’s work. Unfortunately, no one has ever succeeded in cheating nature, if you owe her sleep then you just have to pay your debt nicely or dearly. Yawning all around the office each morning is clearly work-unfriendly and could get you into trouble.

To avoid a dull performance work day, it is advisable that you give attention to your sleep/rest schedule, that way you can avert a potential and bigger breakdown. You must know that a tradition of good sleep increases your concentration, productivity, emotional balance and your energy level. Therefore, adequate sleep could be said to be a one-time cure for tiredness.

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2. Poor Health


Sleep is really good for your physical and mental health. Inadequate sleep gradually lays a foundation for the emanation of other health threats and diseases. If you eat healthily and exercise regularly but do not sleep well, then be certain that you are indirectly sabotaging your efforts towards a better health. For instance, medical research has found that sleep increases sugar metabolism and hinders the insulin function. In other words, there is a link between poor sleep and Type 2 diabetes. A sleep-deprived system also serves as a fertile ground for Coronary diseases, Hypertension/stroke, Flu and common cold. According to latest medical research, every adult needs a 7-8 hours sleep daily in order to contribute immensely to the improvement of the body’s immune system.

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3. Unhealthy Weight Gain


How can insufficient sleep result to weight gain? Well, medical studies have shown yet another link between insufficient sleep and obesity. Confirming that is the fact that the lesser sleep habit inhibits physical performance, thus makes room for inactivity. And if that is the case then, there is bound to be some level of weight gain, especially when the trend happens for a prolonged period of time.

4. Constant Bad Mood


Your bad mood does absolutely nothing for anyone, rather it ruins what is left of a probably lazy day. A bad mood is a social turn off that can affect your health; also constant bad moods might be a sign of depression and no one enjoys being in that dark hole. Insufficient sleep makes one vulnerable to an increased stress level and that will be the easiest trick in the book to get anyone depressed. On the contrary, sleeping well helps you wake up to a bright and brand new day with a burst of refreshing energy. A good night’s sufficient rest is all it takes to light up your day, balance your emotions and makes you a good company and colleague to be with.

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5. One Step Away From Depression

Depressed woman

Depression beclouds the thinking faculty of people; it takes you to the lost, lonely and darkest part of your mind, getting you trapped and stuck. Consequently, the depressed mind is incapable of thinking more clearly than expected; messes up your attitude and unfortunately affects your decision-making. A healthy sleeping schedule might be the needed trick to fix some depression symptoms. Authority Nutrition finds that a poor sleep pattern is associated with increased risk of death by suicide. So, get off the dark side, get some sleep, and enjoy each beautiful day as they come.

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