Top 5 Things Men Notice In Women At First Sight

If you have been curious about the things men notice in women– besides her chest that is– or you are planning on “bumping” into that special someone and need to play some features to make good first impressions, this is the post for you. Listed below are the top 5 things/features men notice in women at first sight.



The eyes are the windows to the soul, and they are also fixated in front of your face so it totally makes sense that one of the first things a guy notices about you are your eyes. The quote might be cliche but there’s a reason cliches are what they are. The eyes do tell a lot about a person, as it conveys messages that sometimes cannot be said with a mouth.

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Your smile or lack of it is another feature that guys notice at first sight. Not only are guys looking at how great your lips and teeth are, but they are also looking to see what it is you are saying, without sound. Paired with the eyes, your mouth gives a bold statement. If your eyes are shiny and you are exposing a really glamorous set of teeth in a smile.



We have all been there; talking to a guy who doesn’t realize that our eyes are on our face, not on our bodies. As much as we would try to ignore this fact, men have claimed that one of the first thing they notice in a woman is her chest.



While many think the feet don’t get noticed because they are way down there, statistics will beg to differ. Men check out your feet for various reasons. Some say a woman’s choice of footwear tells a lot on her personality while others try to see how groomed her feet/toe nails are.



This might come as a shock to the female-dom but men can now tell if you have false lashes on and even if your face has been contoured. Anyway, we would like to believe that the guy who is into us will be too busy staring into our souls rather than trying to determine if my 22 inch hair is mine or belongs to some girl in Brazil or India.

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