Top 5 Unpleasant Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

First dates… first impression or maybe not. Either way, it is no occasion to make unpleasant memories.

Ordinarily, no one needs to tell you that your appearance, table manners and overall conduct matters on this occasion. Of course, you should also know that good grooming is important. Neither sloppy nor smutty is allowed.

Let’s not also forget that with your nerve all over the place, you may just end up doing all the wrong things you never thought you were capable of.

So does it mean that if you have all the above covered, then nothing could ever go wrong? It may not be safe to think that.

And that’s why we made a list of some unpleasant things you wouldn’t want to be remembered for after that first date.

1. Keeping Your Date Waiting

As with every kind of date or appointment, keeping to time is a good way to start. Except there was an unavoidable emergency, it is utterly insensitive to keep someone waiting for longer than bargained for. It sends a wrong message to the one doing the waiting. Lateness often communicates disregard and a nonchalant attitude. It says tons on one’s commitment level.

It’s called a date, which literally means the appointment had been fixed prior to the day of the meeting. It’s only fair and expected that you plan towards it. If you need to cancel, please do that prior to the day itself and with a super-good reason. Otherwise, it wouldn’t hurt to adjust your own schedule and avail yourself of the date.

For the ladies, Looking good is serious business. So if you need hours for that desired look, then start the face beats early enough. That way everybody wins. Besides, a toned down makes up look is best for both formal and romantic dates.

2. Keep The Phone Away

Some debaters have argued that the highly treasured social devices of the modern time are doing more harm than good where ideal communication is concerned. Some have actually gone as far as categorizing them as anti-social devices which in other words contradicts the very essence for which they were made.

Imagine being engrossed in a chat with strangers who are possibly miles away or just drifting away while surfing the internet, meanwhile taking little or no recognition of the person sitting next to you in a bus. Whether it is the first or the fiftieth date, all phone distractions should be cut off. Beeps, alerts and a constantly ringing phone gets in the way of what could be a great time.

There are non-verbal communications that you should be paying attention to. Things that only a one on one meeting can reveal. In two words, “Be present“. Agreeing to the date was not at gunpoint, so just enjoy the moment.


3. Complaining About Everything

It may not have been a good day but trust me half the people you came across today have probably had worse. There is no wisdom in whining about everything, from the cab driver to the doorman to the “tasteless food”. It’s great advice to know that character is everything. Set your priorities straight for that given moment, ditch the drama and be happy for goodness sake. Did you know that treating hospitality staff with respect is a plus to your personality?

4. Wrong Line Of Conversation/Questions

So what really is safe to talk about on a first date to avoid unpleasant memories? Something that always works is to find a common topic of interest. This is easier to know when there’s been a sort of acquaintance before the date. Otherwise, it’s cool to ask what your date likes. From there you can start a lively conversation.


The idea is to be comfortable with each other. This is a time to get to know someone and not necessarily to impress. Bearing that in mind, please endeavour not to make it a lecture, a debate or an interview. By the way, don’t ask questions you won’t be comfortable answering yourself.

5. And Who Pays The Bills???

Irrespective of who ends up picking the tab, it is safe and wise not to leave your house with an empty purse or pocket. In fact, it is thoughtful to offer or assume you would take care of it. Besides, you never know what unpleasant surprise may show up. Keep some cash or credit/debit card handy. With a mutual understanding, it’s really not a crime to both pay the bills.

Amara O
Amara O
Amara is a creative writer and has been creating content for several years. Her experience cuts across various segments such as African cuisine, travel, nature, and politics.


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