Top Mobile Apps To Make Your Job Search Easy

Gone are the days where one seats with newspapers searching out and circling job ads, before deciding which to go with and while the change in times may still seem a bit sudden to some, this is a good thing. Job searches via mobile apps afford us a lot more information about the jobs featured on them. There are more detailed requirement breakdowns and you can track more easily whether or not the job is still available. So whether you are still in school or are actively involved in a job search currently, downloading and utilizing these apps will put you ahead of the game.

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LinkedIn is a great tool for building and nurturing professional relationships. As you build a network, it connects you with the latest business and industry news that is relevant to what you need. Employers constantly upload vacancies on the app, so your next dream job is literally just a click away. LinkedIn is great because it helps you to sharpen your skills via relevant articles related to your field and keeps you always on par with other talent in your industry even if you already have a job.

Careers24 Job Search 


Careers24 is a leading job portal in Nigeria, it brings the job seeker and recruiter together on one platform, so you have access to thousands of job vacancies anywhere and anytime and you can easily shortlist your favorite jobs and sign up to have job alerts delivered straight to your inbox. It also contains some helpful articles on fitting in and becoming a better employee or employer.

Indeed Job Search

Indeed Job search

Indeed job search takes you through the entire process of finding a new job. Right from searching out the job to sending in an application. It has access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards.

Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews


Glassdoor as the name would suggest will let you peer into any company you are applying to, it is arguably the most comprehensive career community. The job seeker will have access to latest job listings, company reviews and salary reports, which are shared by other employees. It’s a great tool when job hunting globally.

One thing that these job search apps are sure to drum into your consciousness is the fact that you as an employee also matter and your needs and expectations from the job market are not silly. So apply to any or all of these apps today, build a strong profile, learn new things and get ready to encounter you dream job.

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