The Untold Truth of Topp Dogg Group and Why They Rebranded To Xeno-T

Topp Dogg never made it big as a group but many of the individual members became popular over the last two years, thanks to their stints on various survival shows. The South Korean by group went by the name Topp Dogg for a while, however, it was later changed Xeno-T in 2018. As Topp Dogg, they were originally thirteen members but now the group consists of five members. Their company gave them the name Xeno-T by connecting Xenogeneic and Top-Class. Their music consists of rapping and singing. A plus to that is their flamboyant choreography and style. No matter how many members Xeno-T has, they seem to make it work 100 percent of the time.

The Untold Truth of Topp Dogg Group and Why They Rebranded to Xeno-T

Topp Dogg was created by Cho PD in 2013 under Stardom Entertainment. The group moved to Hunus Entertainment following Stardom Entertainment’s merger with the company. Their name is a combination of Xenogeneic and Top Class. Xenogeneic is a genetics term that refers to something derived from a different species and therefore genetically and immunologically incompatible. Top Class is the fandom name for the group.

Their first album First Street came out in 2016 and it has a huge difference from the popular style of music; their music was more aggressive and upbeat. One of their most popular songs in this album is called Rainy Day, which is a sad love song about a guy that is being emotional from his past relationship.

As Topp Dogg, the group released one studio album, four EPs, three repackages, eight singles, and had three soundtrack appearances. Topp Dogg debuted on October 22, 2013, under Stardom Entertainment with its debut single Follow Me from its first extended play Dogg’s Out. The following year, the boy group came out with its second EP titled Arario, led by the single Open the Door and its third EP, AmadeuS, led by TOPDOG.

In 2015, the boy group embarked on an American tour with the members performed in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. The same year, Stardom Entertainment was acquired and merged by Hunus Entertainment, Xeno-T’s current agency. That year, The Beat, which is the group’s fourth EP was released. It peaked at the 22nd spot on the Gaon Album Chart.

After multiple changes in the line up of the group, Hunus Entertainment, however, announced Topp Dogg’s rebranding in 2018. They decided to go back and do something better and make it up to fans who had supported them for a long time. Based on the member’s opinions, the group returned with a new name ‘XENO-T’. Fans have made jokes about how the name sounds like what a boss from the game franchise Final Fantasy would be called. The members of the new group include Sangdo, Hojoon, B-Joo, Xero, and Yano. Let’s meet them below.

Xeno-T’s Members Profile


Topp Dogg Group

Born as Yu Sang-do, Sangdo is a native of Incheon, South Korea. He grew along up with his parents and one sibling, an older sister. He is the leader and main vocalist of Xeno-T. Prior to his career with Xeno-T, he participated in the reality show The Unit but didn’t pass the audition stage. Sangdo is left-handed. His groupmates chose him as the most handsome and the cleanest member. He sponsors a child from Magway, Burma (Myanmar).



Dubbed “K-pop Harry Potter” because of the round glasses he always wears, Hojoon was born in Gwangju, South Korea. Before his debut, he participated in the Brave Brothers’ BIGSTAR Show. He is also a former Brave Entertainment trainee & was a prospective member of BIGSTAR. Hojoon, who is a creative backup dancer, also featured EVoL’s Get Up concert from March – April 2013. He is next to enlist, after his fellow Xeno-T members Xero and B-Joo.



B-Joo was born in Seoul, South Korea. His stage name comes from his real name Kim Byung-joo but also means ‘Be With You’ so that he’ll always be with his fans. He was also a backup dancer for EVoL. He has a tattoo above his right elbow that says “Bounce” and one near his left elbow that says “Serendipity”. The singer is the second member of Xeno-T to enlist after Xero, who enlisted just this past February.



Xero was born in Gwangju, South Korea. He participated in the show Idol Dance Battle D-Style. The other Xeno-T members unanimously choose him as the most narcissistic member of the group. He acted in the drama Midnight Girl. Xero wants the five members of Xeno-T to “show a stage with a new color, different from Topp Dogg where they were a larger number of people”.

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Topp Dogg Group

Sangwon’s former stage name was Yano. Born as Seo Sang-won in Seoul, South Korea on September 27, 1995, he’s the main rapper, vocalist, and maknae of the group. Before debuting with Topp Dogg, he went by the stage name Snoppy Swaggy. Sangwon produced Xeno-T’s Japanese debut single titled Wherever You Are.


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