Total Overhauling: President Barrow Renames Gambia; Hints More Reformations

Heavily guarded and surrounded by West African troops from Senegal and Nigeria, President Adama Barrow returned to Gambia last week to officially assume his office as the President of the West African nation.

In his first address, Barrow announced several reforms that will follow shortly for the good of the country.

First, it is the “Republic of The Gambia” and not the ‘Islamic Republic of Gambia”. The “Islamic” term was added by the recently self-exiled Jammeh. Although Gambia is a predominantly Muslim country, Barrow wants the rename returned to status quo.

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Some have seen this as a sign that religious sentiments may have no room in Barrow’s administration.

As anticipated, organizing his cabinet was a top priority. According to him, the new cabinet would be announced by the coming week. In addition to that, he says that the cabinet picks would have to declare their assets before assuming office.

It is not certain yet if there would be a change in his pick for VP. His VP choice, Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang, has been considered “constitutionally too old” for the position.

Going further on, Barrow also announced that the NIA would remain as a security institution but will, however, undergo reformation and take up another name as well.

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Recall that on his request, ECOWAS military would be staying back in Gambia for a few months till he is certain of the security personnel around him.

Promising that he wants the people to enjoy a high-level freedom, Barrow gives his word that media freedom would be a reality henceforth.

President Adama Barrow says “the rule of the law, that will be the order of the day,”. The first comprehensive information about the state of the nation’s finances would get to him by Monday or Tuesday.