Toyin Adewale – Notable Facts About Mayorkun’s Mother

Toyin Adewale (Born 11th June 1969) is a veteran Nigerian actress known for her work in Yoruba Nollywood. The 54 year-old stole the hearts of many Nigerians not just because of her ability to act but also as a result of her warm nature. Toyin Adewale is Mayorkun’s Mother

Not many people knew that Toyin is the mother to “Betty Butter” singer Mayorkun until recently when she granted The Guardian an interview and bared her mind on her initial reservations about her son going into the music business.

Profile Summary of Toyin Adewale

  • Full Name: Toyin Adewale
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 11th June 1969
  • Toyin Adewe’s Age: 54 years old
  • State of Origin: Oyo State
  • Education: Rimax Institute, Lagos, Lagos State Polytechnic
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Toyin Adewale’s Husband: Sunday Adewale
  • Children: Mayowa, Wole, and Adesuwa Adewale
  • Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Odubonojo
  • Famous For: Her Acting Career and Being the Mother of Mayorkun

Toyin Adewale Comes From a Polygamous Family

The actress was born on the 11th of June 1969 to the family of late Mr. and Mrs. Odubonojo. She is 54 years old. While we know that Mrs. Adewale’s mother died in 2014 at the age of 95, there is no information about when her father died or what her parents did for a living while they were alive. The actress is the only child of her late mother but not of her father as he had multiple wives. As a result of these women that her father was married to, Toyin has five half-sisters.

Not much else is known about her upbringing other than that the reason for Toyin Adewale’s quality in acting is as a result of her attending the Rimax Institute, Lagos, where she studied Dramatic Arts. She later proceeded to Lagos State Polytechnic to study Business Administration.

She Began Acting As A Teenager

The Yoruba Nollywood movie icon started her journey into Nigeria’s movie industry as far back as 1988 when she was only a teenager. She featured in not just in Yoruba movies alone, but, in the creation of other numerous English soap operas. The first-ever major movie role the actress featured in was Irepodun, where she played the lead character.

Other films that she has had a role in include:

  • Èbúté,
  • Boseyemi
  • Ejika
  • Femi oko mummy
  • Ife adaniloro
  • Afesona
  • Aridunnu oko
  • Aye kilere mi
  • Aye Kinimose?
  • Mayomi
  • Olaide Irawo
  • Osu Merin
  • Abefe Jengbetiele
  • Pasito Deinde
  • Pasito Deinde 2
  • Kowope
  • Alani Kanselo

Along the line, Toyin Adewale has gotten to work with other popular faces in the movie industry, like Ben Tomoloju, Antar Laniyan, Biodun Ayanyinka (Papa Ajasco), Salome Eketunde, and Yinka Davies to mention a few. Although she is yet to receive an award for any of her works, that hasn’t stopped her from going all out to deliver anything short of the best in all her movies.

Toyin Also Works As An Event Planner/Caterer

The talented Yoruba movie icon is versatile in other fields as well. She has put to use the knowledge she acquired in business administration by establishing her business venture, a catering outlet named Tasty Lee Catering Services, which has been in existence for more than 15 years.

There is no current info if she is still doing this business as she has since relocated abroad with her family, except Mayorkun.

Moyorkun’s Mother is Married To Movie Director and Scriptwriter Sunday Adewale

The beautiful actress has been married for more than two decades to movie director and scriptwriter Sunday Adewale. The pair met in 1988 while they were studying Dramatic Arts at Rimax Institute, Lagos. They later tied the knot in 1993, five years after their first meeting. The couple celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2013 and have since been blessed with three children, among who is Mayowa Adewale, popularly known as Mayorkun, one of the youngest and fast-rising musicians in Nigeria. Her other children are Wole (Mayorkun’s twin brother) and daughter Adesewa.

Toyin Adewale has a strong devotion to family and unity. She revealed her conservative opinion on how relationships should be faithful and truthful during an interview. She went on to deny that the break-ups experienced in marriages are not a direct result of what people see in the movies, but a consequence of hiding the truth from each other. She often displays pictures of her family on social media, thanking God for a beautiful one.

Toyin Had Reservations About Her Son Pursuing A Career In Music

As already mentioned, Toyin Adewale is the mother of one of Nigeria’s youngest and fast-rising musicians. One would have thought that being in the entertainment industry, Toyin would have been so excited and happy that her son was following in her footstep but that wasn’t the case at all.

The actress revealed in an interview with The Guardian that she had reservations about her son’s career choice but thanks to her husband who convinced her to give the young man a chance, she can’t now hide the joy she feels seeing how far her precious son has gone in the industry.

The actress further revealed in the interview that she never thought that her son Mayorkun will go into music as a career due to his quiet nature. “I never knew Mayowa will go into music. He used to be a junior choir master while in the choir, but never knew he would go this far because he has always been a very quiet, easy-going person,” she said.

The Duo Share A Beautiful Mother and Son Relationship

Mrs. Adewale’s relationship with her musician son is cordial as he always celebrates her wherever he goes. She however revealed that she still disciplines him as she watches his every move, especially on social media. For instance, if he makes a post that doesn’t appeal to her, she calls his attention immediately.

Has Mayorkun’s Rise To Stardom Boosted His Mother’s Fame?

Although the actress was already a big name even before her son Mayokun quit his banking job and took up a career in music, some people have argued that her son’s fame and popularity have added to her fame while others have disagreed with that fact. However, whichever way you look at it, there is no doubt that in a way or two, her son’s popularity has boosted up her popularity as well.

Mayorkun always celebrates his mother wherever he goes as a parent that nurtured him. This has gotten more people who never watched her movies to know about her, thus boosting her fame. It has also boosted her social media presence and followership. She currently has over 700k followers on Instagram alone.


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