Tracing Frederick Leonard’s Biography and The Best Movies of His Acting Career

The Nigerian movie industry has nurtured so many talents both on-screen and backstage workers, little wonder Nollywood ranks among the best in the world when it comes to the number of movies being produced. Nollywood has brought smiles to the lives of so many movie lovers through the production of low-budget movies and by so doing, provided the platform for talented individuals to show the world what they got. One of such talents is Frederick Leonard, an actor who has popularized his name in Nigeria and other African nations.

With the increasing fame that has come to be associated with his exploits in the Nigerian movie industry, Leonard is looking to break more borders with his career. Nigeria struggles and depends on oil exportation as its main source of income, and it is only natural for young talents who are faced with the high rate of unemployment to seek a way of developing and helping their lives, this is where Nollywood helps to fill the gap as it is estimated that over one million people work directly or indirectly in the film industry which makes it the country’s second-highest employer of labor. More than being a part of this industry, Frederick now seeks to capitalize on its potentials to empower Nigerian youths. His quest is based on a study that suggests that if the industry is managed well, it has the potential to accommodate more individuals.

Profile Summary of Frederick Leonard

  • Full Name: Frederick Nnaemeka Leonard
  • Date of Birth: May 1, 1976
  • Age: 46
  • State of Origin: Anambra State
  • Place of Birth: Anambra State
  • Education: Kaduna Polytechnic (Biochemistry)
  • Active years: 2001–present
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Net worth: $420,000

Background Information On Fredrick Leonard

Fredrick Leonard has enjoyed a steady growth in his acting career that has seen him star in over one hundred Nollywood movies. His success story was born from his love and passion for acting. Aside from acting, the handsome Nigerian actor is also a producer and a movie director.

Frederick Leonard hails from Nnewi in Anambra State, Nigeria, a town known for harboring many industrious prominent personalities, and a number of billionaires. The first child in a family of two children, he was also born in Anambra State. Frederick is quite secretive about information regarding his biological parents but unlike most kids in Nigeria, Frederick Leonard was born into a rich home as his father was a businessman who owned an amusement park in Lagos State.

He lost his dad back in the year 2000 and sixteen years later, he lost his mum. According to him, his mum’s death took a lot from him as he struggled to cope with the reality of her demise, he revealed in an interview that after three years he is yet to bounce back.

Fredrick Leonard has a younger sister who is a student of the famous Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, also known as Yaba Tech. The actor is known to share a good relationship with his only sibling, although there are rumors of her following the paths of her brother to become an actress, she has not been featured in any prominent movie yet. Growing up was not challenging for him due to his family’s status but he became an orphan as an adult and had to adjust to the reality of living without both parents.

What Schools Did Frederick Leonard Attend?

He started his primary education at St Peter’s Anglican School in Ikeja, Lagos State, after which he went to Oregun High School for his secondary education. After obtaining his Senior Secondary Certification Examination (SSCE) he was offered admission to study biochemistry at Kaduna State Polytechnic (Kadpoly).

While in school, Frederick started putting his passion for acting into use as he struggled to strike a balance between studying biochemistry and acting. In 2008, he went on to graduate with an HND in Biochemistry.

His Acting Career Began In 2001 At The Age Of 25

Officially, his acting career came to life in 2001. At 25 years old, he managed to secure minor movie roles and upon his graduation in 2008, he landed a major role in the movie “Indian Doctor”. Frederick was so good as the lead actor that not so long after the film’s release it gained traction and this helped to win the actor a place in the hearts of movie lovers and further pushed his career to the limelight.

In 2009, he featured in several episodes of the Nigerian soap opera, “Disclosure”, which aired on African Magic. Due to his good looks and ability to play movie roles perfectly, he would go on to earn more movie roles in years to come. He loves to take up the role of an overbearing husband or boss. In addition to that, he revealed in one of his many interviews that he loves to play the role of a betrayer, wife beater, bipolar sufferer, bad guy, or a rich man that uses what he has to do evil. His versatility has helped him to deliver on these roles effortlessly.

A Look At Some Of Frederick Leonard’s Best Movies

According to the actor, the movie that brought him the recognition he currently enjoys is “Accident” which was directed by Teco Benson, this movie won him his first award and also brought him fulfillment in his career choice. Among the many productions he has featured in, below is a list of his biggest movies.

  • Indian Doctor (2008)
  • Discontent (2017)
  • Discontent II (2017)
  • Monster Under Skin (2015)
  • Monster Under Skin II (2015)
  • In Every Way (2018)
  • The Reunion (2019)
  • A Better Family (2018)
  • Void (2019)
  • A Dance to Forget (2020)

Career Achievements and Awards

In just a few years in the movie industry, Frederick Leonard has enjoyed a successful career that has seen him bag a couple of awards and recognitions. Aside from being an actor, he holds huge potentials in movie production and directing as he owns a movie production company called Cineworx Entertainment, located in Lagos State. He has successfully produced two movies, Grey and Void in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Below are some of his notable awards:

  • Best Actor (AFRIFIMO)
  • Best Romantic Actor (AAMA Award)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards 2014)
  • Best Supporting Actor at the GIAMA
  • Best Supporting Actor (City People Movie Award)

Frederick Leonard also boasts of a career in modeling as he uses his good looks and great sense of fashion to model on Instagram. He is an ambassador for “Diamond Ark Lifestyle”, a fashion company focused on the production of menswear.


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