What You Should Know About Trae Young, His Parents and Body Stats

Trae Young’s rise to stardom can be likened to the explosion of a grenade. Ever since he recorded an outstanding performance with the Oklahoma Sooners, just before he joined the National Basketball Association (NBA), he became the talk of every fan of the game. With this kind of track record, it will be no surprise to see him play internationally sooner than anyone expected.

He was selected by the Dallas Mavericks during the 2018 NBA Draft and has so far, posted one of the most eccentric records as a freshman. Fans and NBA stars have become inquisitive about the basketballer’s life, so, we decided to give a detailed account of his background and journey to the big league.

Who is Trae Young, What is He Known For and Where is He From?

At birth, he was named Rayford Trae Young. He was born on September 19, 1998, somewhere in Lubbock, Texas. He is biracial – African-American and Caucasian. A lot of people have questioned the origin of the basketballer, while some refer to him as Asian, maybe because of his looks, others believe he is an American. To the best of our knowledge, we know that the basketballer’s nationality American, considering the fact that he was born in the United States of America.

Most basketballers often begin their careers in high school, and for the popular hot cake basketball star that is Trae Young, he started out at the Norman North High School. During his days at Norman, he was referred to as one of the striking gods of the basketball team and was also named the Gatorade Player of the year on different occasions. In addition to that, he was ranked as the second-best point guard of the school team and topped as the 15th student-athlete prospect in the United States – as rated by ESPN.

With such an outstanding performance, his early background in the game became a subject for discussion and it was later discovered that Trae’s interest in basketball started way back when he was just three. Records have it that he gathered a lot of experience in the game from an early stage in his life.

Being a top-notch baller, Scout.com, Rivals.com, and ESPN rated Trae Young as one of the best student-athletes in the 2017 class and also as a five-star recruit. Every sports site had their different opinions about the guard, some referred to him as the second-best point guard while others touted him to as the third-best point guard.

After he graduated from Norman, he moved on to Oklahoma University. During his remarkable spell with Oklahoma Sooners, he perfected his skills, wowed his coaches and made such records that led him to be compared to the likes of Blake Griffin and Buddy Hield who were also stars during their days with the team. All through the one season which Trae Young spent with the school team, he was marked for excellence.

He spent just one season with the school team before deciding to join the NBA Draft in 2018, thereby, forgoing three years of his collegiate career. On June 21, 2018, Trae Young was picked by the Dallas Mavericks with the fifth overall in the NBA draft, howbeit, he was sold to the Atlanta Hawks for Slovenian basketball player, Luka Dončić. The basketballer inked his contract with the franchise (Hawks) on July 1, 2018.

Family Details

Trae Young was born to Candice and Rayford Young. His father, Rayford, was an active basketballer player for the Texas Tech and also played the game professionally in Europe. He is said to be an African-American while his wife, Candice, is a Caucasian.

Trae Young
Trae Young’s Family

Young is the third of four children born to his parents. He has two sisters, Camryn and Caitlin Young and a younger brother, Timothy Young. Timothy and Trae are pretty close and the basketballer has referred to the moments shared with him as one of the best in his life.

Height And Weight

He currently stands at 6 feet 2 inches with a balanced weight of 82 kg. Considering the fact that Trae is still young, we may not draw conclusions on his final height as he still has the tendencies to grow and increase in his body measurements. We sure would do an update if there are changes in his body build in the nearest future.


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