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Travis Kelce plays as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League (NFL). The American football player has recorded great achievements over the years of his professional career which kicked off in the year 2013 when he went pro. He was selected by the Chiefs in the third round of the NFL Draft that year.

Among his achievements is his record as the second among tight ends on the 2017 NFL Top 100 Players. There is so much to know about the talented American football player apart from his professional career. Here are lesser-known facts about Travis Kelce.

Travis Kelce’s Early Life

He was born on October 5, 1989, in Westlake, Ohio. Having always been interested in the game of football, Travis did not wait until high school to start playing the game. After participating in the sports in his neighbourhood, he went on to show his skills in high school.

Kelce was enrolled at Cleveland Heights High School where he started to gain recognition for his distinguishing skills. He not only played football but also played basketball and baseball while in high school. But he excelled more in football recording a  total of 2,539 yards in his senior high school year. He also had an impressive record in baseball. One of his major achievements in baseball was his emergence as the top high school hitter in Northeast Ohio.

After an impressive high school football performance, Travis got scholarship offers from different universities but chose to go with the University of Cincinnati. He was redshirted in 2008 before he started making appearances in major games. Kelce played as a tight end and quarterback for the school team. The 2009 season saw him record 8 rushes for 47 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 reception.

Travis’ next stint was in 2011 after having served a one-year suspension in 2010. He finished off his college stint with a record of 722 receiving yards, 45 receptions, and 8 touchdowns. The NFL player crowned his collegiate season with the prestigious title of Tight End of the Year at the College Football Performance Awards in March 2012.

Career and Injury Stats

Kelce’s professional career started in 2013 when he was drafted in the third round as the 63rd overall pick by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2013 NFL Draft. The deal was sealed in June that year when he signed a four-year contract. However, his appearance was marred by an injury in October that same year, causing him to be shifted to reserve. Kelce who had played only a game recorded no points that season. The following season, he recorded his first pro touchdown after making a 20-yard reception from Alex Smith, a quarterback.

Travis started his 2015 season with six receptions for 106 yards and multiple touchdowns in the game against Houston. His first career playoff game saw him record 8 receptions for 128 yards in a 30-0 victory against Houston Texas.

Kelce’s 2016 season started with a five-year contract extension worth $46 million and he did well to prove himself to the Chiefs. In 2017 he was ranked 26th by his fellow players and was also ranked as second among tight ends on the NFL list of Top 100 Players of the year. In December 2017, Travis did not complete his game against Tennessee Titans because he suffered a concussion after receiving a hit to his helmet. He still plays for the Chiefs and continues to make impressive records for the team.

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Family Life – Parents and Brother

Travis and Jason Kelce

Travis was born to parents Donna Kelce, his mother and Ed Kelce, his father. He has an older brother Jason Kelce who is also an American footballer. Travis and Jason who were very active players during their college years in Cincinnati got all the love and support they needed from their enthusiastic parents. Jason Kelce plays as a center for the Philadelphia Eagles and was coached by Andy Reid during Reid’s time at the team. He is known for his prestigious title of Super Bowl championship and he is also a two-time Pro-Bowler.

Does Travis Kelce Have a Girlfriend or is He Married?

Kelce may seem so busy and entangled with his professional career but this does not mean that the NFL player does not have an equally interesting love life. The tight end has entertaining stories in his love diary just like most of his counterparts.

He used to be in a relationship with Maya Benberry but broke up with her in the early part of 2017. Since their breakup, the American football player has been spotted with another woman. Kelce has got everyone talking by posting photos of him and his supposed new girl on social media platforms. However, the Chiefs’ tight end has not responded to the circulating dating rumours.

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