Treating Arthritis Pain

One of the most painful conditions known to man is the pain associated with the inflammation of the joints. The term arthritis is used to connote this disorder which causes excruciating pain that is almost unbearable. It will not be out of place to consider a healthily planned food/diet as an eco-solution of its own with regards to well being.

The nutritional knowledge of our daily meals may keep us from frequenting the hospital for all the wrong reasons. Nutrition is not just an academic term for food enthusiasts but a necessary aspect of food that everyone in the modern time should know.

The choice of food eaten goes a long way to dictate the quality of life to be had in terms of health. Depending on what we consume the effects may show up quickly while others may show up later in life.These effects could either be blissful and joyful while others could present a lot of pain and discomfort.

In truth, most foods consumed in recent times are full of disease causing agents. The fast foods, high intake of meat, oil, sugar both processed and unprocessed amongst others can is posing a real threat to health in lots of ways. Recent times has seen a rise in cancer, obesity, muscle loss etc.

In the same vein, when it comes to preserving health,  there are some food combination that can help a great deal.

According to Dr Mauro Teixeira, a researcher, Immunopharmacology Group, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil:

“By understanding the way foods interact with living organisms, we may be able to create diets that help people with the disease, as well as their health overall.”

With emphasis on arthritis pain or gouts, researchers have found that the intake of certain foods can help to combat the acute pain of the disease.


The inflammation of the joints comes with swelling and great discomfort are fueled by gouts and the crystallization of uric acid in the joints.

Nutritional experts in Brazil conducted a research to discover that a diet high in fibre, such as beans, wholemeal bread, rice and jacket potatoes, can help in reducing arthritis pain. The team of researchers from the University of Minas Gerais in Brazil found that high-fibre diets trigger microorganisms in the gut to produce fatty acids. These fatty acids then help to scale down the painful joint inflammations. For instance, foods like bread and beans has the potency of stopping gout-related inflammation.

To arrive at their finding, the scientists injected monosodium crystals into the knee joint of mice. Later a high-fibre diet and treatment with fatty acids was administered. It was found that the diet and fatty treatment helped to prevent the pain in the knee joint of the mice.

The research further showed an improvement in the production of anti-inflammation compounds in the knee joint, thereby, preventing further knee damage and dysfunction. This research finding can be regarded as a milestone in science because a lot of attempts have been made in the past to try and proffer a solution to such anomaly. Now with something as commonplace as bread and beans pains caused by arthritis is bound to reduce. The only thing is for more people to be aware of such food combination.

Quick Facts About Arthritis

1. Arthritis can be caused by an injury or infection to the joints that increase the biological cartilage tissue breakdown. A form of this disease which is quite common is RA(Rheumatoid arthritis).

2. For treatment and pain alleviation, some people turn to more natural remedies by using snakes, ants and bees in various ways. In Brazil, for instance, the bee sting venom helps to reduce the pain the ailment causes.

3. This condition may show up in people from the age of 30 and 60. Children can also get it but it is not as commonplace as when to adults.

4. Foods to avoid when dealing with arthritis; Processed food, Sugar, red meat, fried food, refined grains, cheese, high-fat dairy etc.

5. Arthritis also affects animals including dogs, cats, lions etc. The common type of arthritis in animals is osteoarthritis. Some of the affecting symptoms are weight and appetite loss.

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